Comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR)

These six photos were taken by Vivian Hoette and David Renneke at the Yerkes Observatory on June 24, 2000 using an Apogee AP7p CCD camera mounted on a 24" telescope.  The angular field of view of each image is 4 x 4 arcminutes.  The exposure time was 1 minute.  A red filter was used.

In the first photo the comet was located at RA 2h 24m 36s, Dec +39o 32' 47".  Up is north, left is east.  The altitude was 32o and the azimuth was 64o.  The distance of the comet from the sun was 0.979 AU.  Its distance from the earth was 1.23 AU.

Click on any of the pictures to see the corresponding 512 x 512 pixel picture.

It should be noted that the comet was moving up and to the left.  The moon was in last quarter at phase 68%.  Sunrise was at 5:17 am.

3:50 am CDT

4:06 am CDT

4:10 am CDT

4:16 am CDT

4:19 am CDT

4:29 am CDT

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