Comet McNaught-Hartley (C/1999 T1)

This photo was taken on January 18, 2001, at 6:15 am CST by Andrea Jaeger and David Renneke.  They used the ST-6 CCD camera shown below attached to the C-14 telescope located in the observatory at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois.  The size of the image is 11 x 7 arcminutes.  The temperature was about 15oF.  The comet was easy to see with the 30 mm eyepiece.
Andrea Jaeger David Renneke

This movie of the comet consists of 17 images taken during a 47 minute period of time starting at 5:09 am (11:09 UT) on January 20, 2001, by Christopher Gallick and David Renneke.  They also used the ST-6 CCD camera attached to the C-14 telescope.  The size of the image is 10 x 6 arcminutes. The temperature was about 7oF.  Beth and Matt arrived at about 5:45 am.

Chris Gallick Chris Gallick, Beth Melnyk and Matt Bunchman