Astronomy at Augustana College

Halloween Open House - 2006
The planetarium and observatory will be open to the public on Saturday, October 28, 2006 for the annual Halloween Open House. The planetarium, located at 820 38th Street, will be open from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, with indoor and outdoor programs led by planetarium director Dr. Lee Carkner.

The evening's events will also include a planetarium show where the wonders of the night sky will be presented on the facility's 30-foot dome with the Spitz A3P projector. Views of the first quarter moon, the planets Neptune and Uranus, star clusters, double stars such as Alberio, and galaxies such Andromeda will be provided via the 14-inch reflecting telescope in the Gamble Observatory. We may also look at Comet SWAN in the western sky.  In addition, the Getz-Rogers Gallery, where images of celestial objects and a quarter-ton piece of the Canyon Diablo meteor are on display, will also be open to the public.

Admission is free. The observing areas are unheated so dress appropriate to the weather. In the event of cloudy sky conditions, the indoor programs will still be offered.