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Fall 2006 Meeting of the Illinois and Iowa Sections of the AAPT

"What Inquiring Minds Want to Know"
October 13-14, 2006
Rock Island High School
1400 25th Ave., Rock Island, Illinois 61201 

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We are pleased to invite you to attend the fall meeting of the ISAAPT.  Please come to learn more about physics, discover new tools and techniques for teaching physics, share your experiences via contributed presentations and Take Fives, and meet old and new friends.

Invited speakers

Dark Matter and Dark Energy: from the Universe to the Laboratory
Dr. Sean Carroll, Particle Theory Group
Physics Department, California Institute of Technology
Banquet speaker on Friday evening at 7:30 pm

The SCALE-UP Project
Dr. Robert Beichner, North Carolina State University
Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm

What's Missing from _ d _ c _ t _ _ n?
Dr. Karen Jo Matsler,  Assessment,  and Training, Inc., Arlington, Texas
Saturday morning at 9:30 am

Workshops - Sign up for these on the Registration form by Oct. 6

W1. "Robots in the College and High School Physics Classrooms", James Rabchuk, Friday 10:00-12:00, free
W2. "Personal Response System", Dean Sieglaff and Lee Baird, Friday 11:00-12:00, free
W3. "Make It and Take It", David Rigsbee, Saturday 8:30-9:30.  Will be repeated from 10:45-11:45 if there is demand. $10

Call for 15 minute Contributed Presentations
- Deadlines: Title (Sep. 29), Description (Oct. 6)

To encourage wider participation there are four categories of presentations: (a) Active Learning, (b) Teaching Methods, (c) Demonstrations and (d) Research. Please check the appropriate box on the online form. Contributed presentations are scheduled on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Please submit your presentation using the Online form.  Here is the current list of presentations: Details

Take Fives

Register by Oct. 6

WITHIT - What in the heck is this?

Register by Oct. 6

Anyone who registers for the meeting may take 5 minutes or less to share a favorite item related to teaching physics - a demonstration, a new Web site, announcement of an upcoming event, ...  Please use the Registration form to tell us the title of your Take Five.  There may be time for a few unannounced Take Fives at the end of the last session of the day.

Do you have something in your storeroom that has you baffled?  Please bring it, place it on the designated table (with your name) so we can all look at it during the Breaks.  Please use the Registration form to tell us that you will be bringing an item.  If there are enough, we will schedule one or two sessions for the audience to figure out what these things are.  It should be fun!


Registration form - Online - Mail or Fax
Deadline for banquet and lunch reservations:  Oct. 6
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Meeting Information
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Contributed presentations - Details

The 2006 Distinguished Service Citation will be awarded at the banquet on Friday evening.  The recipient is Kim Shaw, physics professor at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. Congratulations, Kim !

The Council of the Illinois Section will meet at 7:00 am on Saturday.  The Iowa Section is planning a business meeting during lunch on Saturday.



More photos...

Kim Shaw receives the 2006 Distinguished Service Citation from Bill Hogan

Robots workshop

Lenore's Take Five on "Toys for Modeling the Solid State"

Zak Knott holds up


The chair and local contact for sending registration forms by regular mail or Fax and for checking on classroom and lab facilities is:

Gary Wolber
Rock Island High School
1400 25th Ave 
Rock Island, Illinois 61201 
Phone: 309-793-5950 x1327
Fax: 309-793-9866

If you have any problems with submitting information via the online forms or if there are corrections to be made, contact the person who maintains these pages:

David R. Renneke

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Augustana College
Rock Island, IL 61201-2296
Phone: 309-794-3403
Fax:  309-794-7722

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