Fall 2010 Meeting of the
 Illinois Section of the AAPT

"A+ Alternatives in Education Research,
Energy and Technology"

8-9, 2010
Sherrard High School
Sherrard, Illinois 61281

How they work

We are pleased to invite you to attend the fall meeting of the ISAAPT.  Please come to learn more about physics, discover new tools and techniques for teaching physics, share your experiences via contributed presentations and Take Fives, and meet old and new friends.

This meeting will showcase the 600 kW wind turbine that provides energy for the Sherrard School District. Please note below the new information about the wind turbine tour.

Invited speakers

"Technology Innovation to Increase the Productivity of Agricultural Systems", John F. Reid,
         Director, Product Technology and Innovation, Deere and Company, Moline, Illinois. 
         Banquet speaker on Friday evening.
"How a School District Can do a Large Turbine Project", Scott Engstrom, Account Executive, Ameresco.
         Friday, 12:45 - 1:45
"Wind for Schools" - Matt Aldeman, Center for Renewable Energy, Illinois State University
                                     Jolene Willis, Wind Energy Program Assistant, Western Illinois University
                                            Friday, 1:45 - 2:45


Panel Discussion

"The New Local Physical Science Alliances" - Morten Lundsgaard, Tom Holbrook, Rob Mason,
                           Carl Wenning, and Ken Wester, Moderator
                                   Friday, 3:15 - 3:45


Workshop - Sign up on the Registration form.
Friday, October 8

W1.  10:30 - 12:00 "Learning Sequences as Instructional Resources" - Carl Wenning

Wind Turbine Tour

We had been planning tours of the Sherrard School District's wind turbine that would include climbing 160 feet to the top.  However, on Monday, Oct. 4 it was determined that it would not be safe for us to do this climb.  Although permission had been granted several weeks ago, on second thought the school did not want to assume the liability if there was an injury.  Chris LaRoche is very, very sorry that the climbing has been canceled.

The wind turbine is near the football field so we now plan to walk over during the Friday and Saturday break times to check out its sound and size.  Chris may be showing a video taken at top. 


Call for 15 minute Contributed Presentations - Deadlines: Title (Sep. 24), Description (Oct. 1)

Contributed presentations are scheduled on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  There are five categories of presentations: (a) Active Learning, (b) Teaching Methods, (c) Demonstrations, (d) Research, and (e) Other.  Please check the appropriate box when you fill out the Online form.  Here is the current list of presentations.


● Congratulations to Deborah Lojkutz who will receive the 2010 Distinguished Service Citation!
● The banquet will be at the Milan Community Center.  Here is the map and directions.
● The ISAAPT Council will meet at 7:00 am on Saturday morning.
● The business meeting will be held during lunch on Saturday.  At that time the following three books that are provided by the AAPT will be given as door prizes.  You must be present at lunch to win.
    1.  Catching the Light: The Entwined History of Light and Mind (Zajonc)
    2.  Relativity: The Special and General Theory (Einstein)
    3.  NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet (Serim & Koch)

Take Fives

Anyone who registers for the meeting may take 5 minutes or less to share a favorite item related to teaching physics - a demonstration, a new Web site, announcement of an upcoming event, ...  Please use the Registration form to tell us the title of your Take Five.  There may be time for a few unannounced Take Fives at the end of the last session of the day.

Registration formThe deadline for banquet and lunch reservations is Oct. 1

Deborah Lojkutz - 2010
Distinguished Service Citation

Wind turbine at Sherrard High School

Roger Malcolm - Take 5
"Rotating LED Christmas lights"

Matt Aldeman
"Wind for Schools"

 ● The chair of this meeting and local contact for checking on classroom and lab facilities is:
     Christopher LaRoche, Sherrard High School, Sherrard, Illinois, larochec@sherrard.us
 ● If you have any problems with submitting information via the online forms or if there are corrections to be made,
David Renneke, 309-786-5247, davidrenneke@augustana.edu

Illinois Section of the AAPT
Last update:  November 3, 2010












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