Fall 2014 Meeting of the Iowa and Illinois Sections of the AAPT

Entrance & Planetarium Dome

October 24-25, 2014

Particles and Waves

Bettendorf High School
3333 18th St, Bettendorf, IA  52722


We are pleased to invite you to attend the joint fall meeting of the Iowa and Illinois Sections of the American Association of Physics Teachers.  Please come to learn more about physics and astronomy, discover new tools and techniques for teaching these subjects, share your experiences via contributed presentations and Take Fives, meet old and new friends, watch a planetarium show, see a Physics Demonstration show, bring a "What is it?", enjoy free pizza at the Saturday lunch, and participate in the informative Saturday afternoon "Ed. Camp".

You may parking in either the south or north lot as you enter from 18th Street.  The north lot is closer to the main entrance.  Everyone should enter through the main entrance.  There are a few handicapped spaces right outside the main entrance.

The registration table will open at 9:00 am on Friday with workshops starting at 9:30 and 10:00 am.  Friday lunch is on your own.  The meeting will conclude at about 3:00 pm on Saturday.  Note that there will be two opportunities to watch a show in the Planetarium, at 8:00 pm on Friday and at 1:00 pm on Saturday.

Invited speakers

Friday afternoon - 3:30 pm
Neutrino Physics Using Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers"
Dr. Jason St. John
LHC Physics Center (LPC), Fermilab
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Cincinnati
Friday evening banquet speaker - 7:00 pm
The Van Allen Radiation Belt Storm Probes"
Dr. Craig Kletzing
Department of Physics, University of Iowa

Saturday morning - 11:00 am
Teaching the Physics of Music on Four Continents"
Dr. Thomas Rossing
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University
Professor Emeritus of Physics, Northern Illinois University


Friday Workshops

W1. Friday
Why the Millikan Award? A Study of the Life and Influence of Robert A. Millikan
   Bonnie Mitchell and Richard Rockrohr, Jackson County Historical Museum
W2. Friday
Data Visualization using Plotly
   Dan Pfeifer, Plotly, Inc.
W3. Friday
Using Arduinos in Physics Classes
   Andrew Morrison, Joliet Junior College
W4. Friday
The Life and Influence of Robert A. Millikan - Repeat of workshop W1
   Bonnie Mitchell and Richard Rockrohr, Jackson County Historical Museum
W5. Friday
Advanced Plotly Tutorial and Plotly's Multiple Language Coding
   Dan Pfeifer and Chris Parmer, Plotly, Inc.

Call for 15 minute Contributed Presentations - Deadlines: Title (Oct. 10), Description (Oct. 17)

Contributed presentations are scheduled on Friday afternoon (1:15 to 3:00, 4:30 - 5:30) and Saturday morning (8:15 - 10:30).  There are no parallel sessions.  There are five categories of presentations: (a) Active Learning, (b) Teaching Methods, (c) Demonstrations, (d) Research, and (e) Other.  Please check the appropriate box when you fill out the Online form.  Here is the current list of presentations, including the schedule.

● Families are encouraged to come to the Quad Cities to enjoy
     - Family Museum (a few blocks from the high school)
     - Putnam Museum in Davenport, they have a new hands-on Science Center
     - John Deere Pavilion (free) in Moline, near I-74
● Friday evening parallel family activities scheduled at 8:00 pm include
     - Physics demonstrations by Dale Stille of the University of Iowa
     - Short shows in the Don Schaefer Planetarium (at Bettendorf High School)
     - Telescope viewing sponsored by the Quad Cities Astronomical Society on the football field   
● The Illinois Section Council will meet on Saturday morning at 7:00 am.
● The planetarium show will be repeated on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 pm.
● Both sections will have their business meeting during lunch on Saturday.
● On Saturday afternoon from 12:45 to about 3:00 pm there will be an Ed. Camp with the topics to be
     discussed determined by having attendees key in their physics and STEM interests via a computer,
     tablet or smartphone.  After watching the words evolve on large screens, leaders will announce where
     particular topics will be discussed.  Sessions may be long or short with people coming and going.  This
     event is designed to be very interactive, informative, and customized for those who attend.  It sounds
     exciting!  This will be organized by Bettendorf High School physics teacher Christopher Like.

Take Fives

Anyone who registers for the meeting may take 5 minutes or less to share a favorite item related to teaching physics - a demonstration, a new website, announcement of an upcoming event, ...  Please use the Registration form to tell us the title of your Take Five.  There may be time for a few unannounced Take Fives at the end of the last session of the day.

Registration.  The deadline for banquet  reservations is Friday, Oct. 17.
The items on the registration form are:
  1.  Enter the title of a Take Five, if you have one.
  2.  Indicate if you are bringing a "What is it?"
  3.  Registration for both days:  Faculty - $30, Students and Guests - free.
             After Oct. 17, the registration fee for faculty will be $35.
  4.  Section dues:  Iowa - $7, Illinois - $10 (K-12), $20 (faculty)
  5.  Workshops:  Check which ones you wish to attend.
  6.  Friday evening banquet:  $16 - 3 entrees, 3 sides, rolls, beverage, dessert
  7.  Saturday lunch:  The menu is pizza and a beverage.  The cost is included in the registration fee.
              You will choose the type of pizza by marking on an easel during the Saturday morning break.

   Friday lunch is on your own.
  ●  During break time each day, food and a beverage may be purchased at a serving window in the Atrium.

When you arrive at the meeting you may pay the total fees at the Registration table by using (1) cash, (2) a personal check, (3) a school or company check, (4) a credit card, or (5) PayPal.  Options 4 and 5 may be done when you register online, after the fees are calculated.

If you have already registered and would like to pay beforehand by credit card or PayPal, check the current fees page for the amount, click on the Pay Now button below, and type in that amount.  You will receive an email receipt and the treasurer of the Illinois Section (Ken Wester) will be informed of the transaction.  Thank you.

 ● The local contacts for checking on classroom and lab facilities are:
     Pete Bruecken, Bettendorf High School, Bettendorf, Iowa, pbrueck@bettendorf.k12.ia.us
     Chris Like, Bettendorf High School, Bettendorf, Iowa, christopherlike@gmail.com
 ● If you have any problems with submitting information via the online forms or if there are corrections
         to be made, contact:   
David Renneke, 309-786-5247, davidrenneke@augustana.edu

Last update:  November 7, 2014












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