Pictures - Fall 1999 Meeting of the Illinois and Iowa Sections of the AAPT
Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, October 29-30, 1999
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Photo 1. Eric Peterson congratulating the 1999 Distinguished Service Citation recipient, Roger Malcolm of Kewanee High School, Kewanee, Illinois.

Photo 2. Tim Wagner (center) presenting the co-recipients of the 1999 Outstanding High School Physics Teacher Award to Jacqueline Fitzpatrick (left) of Moline High School, Moline, Illinois, and Michael Lach of Lake View High School, Chicago, Illinois.

Photo 3. Dr. Lee Carkner, "World's Enough and Time: Astronomy, Calendars, Clocks and Universal Timescales". Photo 4. Dr. John Hauptman, "Physics at the Highest Energies".

Photo 5. Panel Discussion, "Timely Trends in Teaching Physics", (left to right) Carl Wenning (moderator), Diana Roth, Michael Lach, Curtis Hieggelke, Fred Zurheide. Photo 6. Diana Roth, "A Model for Updating and Improving the Teaching of Physics".
Photo 7. A Take Five by Gary Wolber. Photo 8. A Take Five by Fred Zurheide.
Photo 9. Registration Table. Karen Soeken, Derek Strom, Craig Cwik, Cecilia Vogel (with pen), Wesley Calvert, Brian Good. Photo 10. Participants in the CASTLE workshop.
Photo 11. Participants in the Pasco workshop on Friday. Photo 12. Participants in the Pasco workshop on Friday.

The above photographs were taken by Dave Sykes (1), Roger Malcolm (2-8), and Dave Renneke (9-12). Last update: January 16, 2000