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Fall Meeting of the Illinois and Iowa Sections of AAPT
October 29-30, 1999, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois

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Description Number Unit cost Amount Choice of food
Faculty registration   $16    
Student registration   $5  
Illinois section dues   $5  
Iowa section dues   $5  
Workshop W1 - Fri. at 1:30 (limit 15)   free  
Workshop W2 - Fri. at 1:30 (limit 16)   $10  
Workshop W3 - Sat. at 1:00 (limit 20)
This workshop is full.
Workshop W4 - Sat. at 1:00 (limit 15)   free  
Workshop W5 - Sat. at 1:00 (limit 20)   $10  
Friday evening banquet*   $12  
Saturday noon box lunch*   $6  
Total fees        

*The Friday banquet and the Saturday noon box lunch are available only to those who have registered by the October 22 deadline.  All registration fees are due the day of the meeting. Checks should be made payable to ISAAPT.

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