Assorted Time Links

Arrow of Time - measuring CP violation at CERN and Fermilab - report on June 21, 1999
Arrow of Time - by Paul Davies, a physicist and writer living in South Australia
Clock Development Team - U.S. Naval Observatory - mercury ion clock, atomic fountain clock, pulsar timescales
Greenwich 2000 - Greenwich, England.   Where East meets West; Time is set and The Millennium begins
Hubble constant - Information on the Hubble Constant, Cosmology, and the Size and Age of the Universe
Moon Phase Pictures for any date and time [1800-2199]
Times for viewing various satellites including the International Space Station, Hubble, Mir, and Starshine
What time is it?- Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Kaons at the Tevatron - Fermilab experiments - Matter, anti-matter, time reversal, and KL --> PI+PI-e+e-
Most fundamental physical processes are symmetric in time. The motion of the planets in the gravity field of the sun is reversible- a film of the motion of a planet around its sun can be shown backwards without anyone being able to tell. Similar to gravity, the strong nuclear and electromagnetic forces are also time-symmetric. Only the weak nuclear force appears to violate this symmetry, and this so far only in the behavior of the neutral kaon.

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