Workshop Reservations and Take Fives

1999 Fall meeting of the Illinois and Iowa sections of the AAPT
Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois

Whenever anyone registers for the meeting by using the Online Registration Form, two lines are added to the bottom of this Web page. The list will be periodically edited manually to sort it and to drop the lines containing no workshop reservations or take-five.

W1 and W4 - "Hands-on Use of the ScienceWorkshop 500 and 750 Interfaces", Tom Kuhn, Pasco Scientific | photo.  The two workshop participants who received a free 750 interface were Tim Wagner (in W1) and Kathy Qin (in W4).
W2 and W5 - "CASTLE Project - Electricity Visualized",
Jay Cutler, Charles City High School, Charles City, Iowa
W3 - "Using Technology to Get Student's Minds On Physics",
Brian Wegley and Neil Schmidgall, Glenbrook South High School, Glenview, Illinois

 Workshop Title / Name W1
   W1 - Pasco  
Charles Atchley 1        
Curtis Hieggelke 1        
Win T. Htwe 1        
Duane Ingram 1        
Chris LaRoche 1        
Frank Peterson 1        
Francis (Frank) Roessler 1        
William Shanks 1        
Kevin Smyk 1        
Tim Wagner (winner of 750) 1        
Fred Zurheide 1        
   W2 - CASTLE  
Nerio Calgaro   1      
Keith Colsch   1      
Bill Cox   1      
Mike Lazere   1      
Roger Malcolm   1      
Dave Nelson   1      
Cliff Parker   1      
Jason Powell   1      
Roger Reeves   1      
Kathy Qin   1      
Kendra Sibbernsen   1      
Anita Vasto   1      
Carl Wenning   1      
Charles Windsor   1      
Gary Wolber   1      
   W3 - Using Technology  
John Askill     didn't attend    
Charles Atchley     1    
Stephen Case     1    
Bill Cox     1    
Curtis Hieggelke     1    
William Kelly     didn't attend    
Chris LaRoche     1    
Mike Lazere     1    
Edna Lotz     1    
Ron Newland     1    
Cliff Parker     1    
Frank Peterson     1    
Jason Powell     1    
Francis (Frank) Roessler     1    
Kendra Sibbernsen     1    
Kevin Smyk     1    
Anita Vasto     1    
Tim Wagner     1    
Carl Wenning     1    
Charles Windsor     1    
   W4 - Pasco  
Wesley Calvert (student)       1  
Keith Colsch       1  
Doug Franklin       1  
Igor Kogoutiouk       1  
Kathy Qin (winner of 750)       1  
Bruce McCart       1  
Lisa Savestaney       1  
Dale Stille       1  
William Wharton       1  
Matthew Wells       1  
Gary Wolber       1  
   W5 - CASTLE  


Total Registered
Enrollment Limits 15 16 20 15 16


Take Five



David Williams

"Opportunities at Argonne National Laboratory"

Two announcements:  (a) undergraduate summer internships will be available through XCITE/APS for summer 2000, (b) there are plans for a mini-conference for faculty at APS in April or May 2000.  XCITE is the X-ray Collaboration for Illinois Technology and Education.  APS booklets will be available.


Fred Zurheide

"A Neat Real Image"

Ann Brandon   Friday
Debby Lojkutz   Friday
Stephen Case "Cost-Effective Track Bending" Saturday morning
Curt Hieggelke "Ving and Ping" Saturday morning

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