Fall 1996 Meeting at Illinois Wesleyan University

AAPT Fall Meeting - Illinois Section

October 25-26, 1996
Illinois Wesleyan University
Center for Natural Science Learning and Research (CNSLR)
201 Beecher Street, Bloomington, Illinois 61702

Invited talks:
"The 1996 Physics Nobel Prize: What makes Liquid He-3 so Exciting?"
Dr. John Ketterson, Northwestern University - Banquet speaker

"Adaptive Optics and Laser Guide Stars in Astronomy"
Dr. Laird Thompson, University of Illinois, Urbana - 4:35 pm, Friday

Here are the abstracts of the contributed papers.

Motel information:

Hampton Inn (309-662-2800)
Signature Inn (309-454-4044)
Comfort Inn (309-828-6000)
Holiday Inn (309-452-3800)
Jumer's Chateau (309-663-2388)
Super 8 Motel (309-663-2388)

Directions to Campus:
Illinois Wesleyan University is on U.S. 51 which runs north-south through Bloomington, Illinois. Here is a campus map. Parking is available on the campus across from the Center for Natural Science and adjacent to the Memorial Gymnasium. Both lots are on Beecher Street. No parking permits are necessary.

Friday evening banquet: Reservations are needed by Tuesday noon, October 22. Either call or FAX with your reservation. You may pay ($12) when you arrive.

Local contact at the physics department of Illinois Wesleyan University:

Narendra Jaggi, (309) 556-3418, njaggi@titan.iwu.edu
FAX: (309) 556-3411


Friday afternoon, October 25, 1996

12:00 - 5:00 pm - Registration - CNSLR Atrium

Session 1: Coming Soon to a Sky Near You - CNSLR/C101 - Chair: Ray Wilson, IWU
1:30 - Comet Hale-Bopp - Pictures and Projections, David Renneke, Augustana
1:45 - Comet Hale-Bopp: A School Year Observing Project, Carl Wenning, ISU
2:00 - Break

Session 2: Holography and All That Jazz - C101 - Chair: Lew Detweiler, IWU
2:10 - Studying Musical Instruments with Electronic Holography, Thomas Rossing, NIU
2:25 - Vibrational Modes of a Violin by Electronic Holography, Mark Roberts, NIU
2:40 - Modal Analysis of Handbells by Electronic Holography, Eric Bynum, NIU
2:55 - Practical Holography for Education and Display, Steven Warner, Praire State College
3:10 - Coffee, pastries, fresh fruit

Session 3' (parallel session): Mathematica Workshop
3:30 - 4:30 Mathematica Workshop - E204 - Gabriel Spalding, Illinois Wesleyan University

Session 3: Novel Instrumentation - C101 - Chair: David Sykes, Lincoln Land
3:30 - The Miniaturization of a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer, Bridget Ford, Bradley
3:45 - Apparatus Development for Raman Spectroscopy, Jonathan Foster, Bradley
4:00 - Computer Interfacing the Hall Effect Experiment, Jack Boparai, UIUC
4:10 - Demonstrating Crystal Optics - Microwaves on Wood Plates, Keh-chang Chu, WIU
4:25 - Break

Session 4: Invited Talk #1 - C101 - Chair: Cynthia Hess, IWU
4:35 - 5:30 Adaptive Optics and Laser Guide Stars in Astronomy, Laird Thompson, UIUC
5:30 - 6:00 Tours of the IWU observatory, the atomic force microscope, and the department.

Friday evening, October 25, 1996

Session 5: Invited Talk #2 - Memorial Center/Davidson Room - Chair: George Scadron, ISU
6:00 - Dinner
6:30 - Awards and announcements
6:35 - "What makes Liquid He-3 so Exciting?", John Ketterson, Northwestern

8:00 - 8:45 - Scanning electron microscopy workshop, Narendra Jaggi
8:00 - 9:00 - Astronomy on the Web workshop, Cynthia Hess
8:00 - 8:30 - Viewing in the observatory, Ray Wilson

Saturday morning, October 26, 1996

7:00 am - Council meeting, C113 (seminar room).
7:00 - 8:15 am - Continental breakfast ($3), Atrium

Session 6. Broader Issues - C101 - Chair: Fred Zurheide, SIUE
8:15 am - ISAAPT Section Representative's Report, Curtis Hieggelke, Joliet Junior College.
8:25 am - Elementary Laboratory Development Project at UIUC, Alexander Weissman, UIUC.
8:40 am - TYC-21 Update, David C. Sykes, Lincoln Land Community College.
8:50 am - Bringing the Latest Discoveries in Astronomy into the Classroom with the Internet, Mark Moore, John Wood Community College.
9:05 am - Methods of Computational Science, Hioshi Matsuoka and Jean Standard, ISU
9:20 am - Mechanics of Hurricanes, Ik-Ju Kang, SIUE.
9:35 am - Focus on Concepts in Physics Lecture, Robert M. Boeke, Harper College.

Session 7. Undergraduate Research Papers

10:05 am - Relativistic Effects of a Classical Electron ..., Jason C. Csesznegi, ISU.
10:17 am - Atomic Stabilization in Intense Laser Fields, Kelly N. Rodeffer, ISU.
10:29 am - Quantum Mechanical Effects of an Electron ..., Brad A. Smetanko, ISU.
10:41 am - Propagation of Laser Pulse Pairs ..., Jennifer R. Csesznegi, ISU.
10:53 am - Stabilization and Destabilization of Atoms by Laser Fields, Benjamin P. Irving, ISU.
11:05 am - Harmonic Osc. in the Presence of Multiple Damping Forces, Chris Pelto, IWU.

Session 8. Mostly Pedagogy - C101 - Chair: Roger Reeves, Hillsboro H.S.

11:35 am - Announcement of Undergraduate Research Awards.
11:40 am - Preparing Students for Outreach, Curtis Shoaf and Mats Selen, UIUC.
11:50 am - Expert and Novice Problem Solving in Kinematics, Carl J. Wenning, ISU.
Noon - Electric and Magnetic Concept Inventory, Curtis Hieggelke, Joliet Junior Col.
12:15 pm - Photometric Investigation of the Evolved Contact Binary Star DN AUR, S. N. Godarya and K. C. Leung, Bradley University and E. G. Schmidt, University of Nebraska.

Session 9. Business Meeting of the Section - C101

12:30 pm - Minutes, treasurer's report, elections, ..., Roger Reeves, President.

David R. Renneke, Secretary-Treasurer of the Illinois Section of AAPT
Physics Department
Augustana College
Rock Island, IL 61201
(309) 794-7391
URL: http://helios.augustana.edu/isaapt/fall96.html

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