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Council Meeting - Retreat at Illinois State University - July, 2016

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"Physics and Occupations"
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 Should I consider a  A Career in Physics Teaching?

Should I consider a  A Career in Science Teaching?

Below are two related ISAAPT documents that we have prepared to help solve the current crisis in high school science teaching.  Both are color, printable PDF files (click on the images below).  Thanks to generous financial contributions totaling $3,750 from four Illinois teacher organizations (ISAAPT, IACT, ISTA and CSAAPT), copies of the brochure and the booklet were printed and made available at meetings of these organizations.  Special thanks to Carl Wenning for the central role he played in creating these two carefully crafted, professional-looking documents.

This tri-fold brochure is designed for anyone who might wish to become a high school science teacher.

As a concerned teacher, we need your help to inspire, identify, and recruit prospective science teacher candidates. This 8-page booklet explains why.
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"Physics and Occupations"
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