Pictures - Spring 1997 meeting at Illinois State University

Photo 1. President Dave Sykes (left) congratulating the 1996-97 winner of the Illinois Outstanding High School Physics Teacher Award, John Young of Princeton High School.

Photo 2. Jason S. Griesbach, University of Wisconsin - Platteville, first place winner of the Student Research Symposium for his paper: "High Speed Strobe Photography Techniques".

Photo 3. Invited Speaker - C. Robert O'Dell, Rice University
Exploring the Orion Star Formation Region with the Hubble Space Telescope

Photo 3. Invited speaker for the banquet - Alan Van Heuvelen, The Ohio State University
Playing Jeopardy and Other Fun Activities

Photo 5. Audience at the banquet testing their diffraction glasses.

Photo 6. Enjoying lunch on Saturday.

These photos were taken by Roger Malcolm of Kewanee High School.

Last update: 5-Jun-97