Pictures - Spring 1996 meeting at the University of Illinois

Photo 1. President Roger Reeves (left) congratulating the 1995-96 winner of the Illinois Outstanding High School Physics Teacher Award, Eric Curry of O'Fallon Township High School.

Question: What is causing the diffraction patterns?

Photo 2. Workshop W1 - You Write a Homework Problem on the Web
Leader -A. W. Hubler, University of Illinois, checking Curt Hieggelke's progress.

Photo 3. Andy Hanger, Greencastle, Indiana

Photo 4. Left to right: Loraine Pelayo, Charles Haben, Kwame Banfoagyei, Cecilia Vogel, and Shane Boyle.
All are from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. Dr. Vogel presented the paper Comet Hyakutake. The other four are students at Augustana and they jointly presented the paper Physics Club Grade School Outreach.

Photo 5. Fred Zurheide of SIUE, Edwardsville, Illinois, demonstrating the force on an inverted filled glass of water.

Photo 6. One of the coffee breaks.

Photos 1-3, 5-6 were taken by Roger Malcolm of Kewanee High School. Photo 4 was taken by Dave Renneke of Augustana College.

Last update: 8-Jun-96