Spring 2001 Meeting of the Illinois Section of the AAPT
Novel Methods for Physics Teaching
including ideas for lecture, discussion, assessment, and laboratory. 

Dumbbell Nebula (M27)
April 20-21, 2001
Physics Department, Principia College
Elsah, Illinois  62028

Ring Nebula (M57)

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Measuring the deflection of light and the Shapiro time delay Invited Presentation -- Friday at 7:30 pm
"Teaching General Relativity to Undergraduates: Some Worked Examples"
Clifford M. Will, Dept. of Physics, Washington University, St. Louis
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International Space Station

Viewing coordinates for anywhere are at heavens-above.com

Good fortune has it that, if the sky is clear, we will have spectacular naked-eye views of the International Space Station from Principia College on both evenings.  For comparison, here are some other magnitudes: Polaris 2, Vega and Arcturus 0, Sirius - 1.4, Jupiter - 2.

Date Magnitude


Maximum Altitude


Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
April 20 0.1 9:39:53 10 WNW 9:42:32 53 W 9:42:32 53 W
April 21 - 0.2 8:40:51 10 NW 8:43:58 51 NE 8:45:54 20 ESE

Here are the workshops that are being held.  The first four will be on Friday morning.  The last three will be on Saturday afternoon.  Lab space is limited so advanced registration is recommended.  At their conclusion, participants may apply to receive Continuing Professional Development Units for these workshops.  Click here for workshop details.

W1. "LabVIEW for Physics", Ravi Marawar, National Instruments 
W2. "When Lightning Strikes: Problem-Based Learning", Diana Roth, Lanphier High School
W3. "Just-in-Time Teaching and Peer Instruction", Carl J. Wenning, Illinois State University
W4. "Cooperative Group Problem Solving", Tom Foster, Southern Ill. Univ. at Edwardsville
W5. "Using Toys to Teach Physics, a PTRA Workshop", Jodi and Roy McCullough
W6. "A Taste of the Modeling Method of Teaching Physics", Rex and Debbie Rice
W7. "Observational Astronomy Simulations in the Instructional Laboratory", Dick Cooper

Contributed papers including those of the Student Research Symposium will be scheduled  on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Principia College has a new observatory which will be open for viewing.
We will also have the opportunity to check out their newest solar car, Ra IV.
Special Event - Dave Cornell Retirement Celebration
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