Pictures - Spring 2001 meeting of ISAAPT
Principia College, Elsah, Illinois, April 20-21, 2001
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Photo 1.  Diana Roth receives the award for the Outstanding High School Physics Teacher from Gary Wolber.

Photo 2.  The Student Research Symposium winners were Jeffrey Smith, Anne Wake and Michael Baxa.

Photo 3.  David Cornell showing the 16 inch telescope at Principia Astronomical Observatory. Photo 4.  Clifford Will, "Teaching General Relativity to Undergraduates: Some Worked Examples".


Photo 5.  David Cornell receiving a special gift from Ben Brown at the Retirement Celebration Dinner on April 21, 2001. Photo 6.  David Cornell with his wife Linda at his Retirement Celebration Dinner on April 21, 2001.

All photographs were taken by David Renneke with a 2.1 megapixel digital camera.  The original photographs are JPG files with 1792 x 1200 pixels.  The photos available from this Web page are compressed to be either 300, 600 or 800 pixels wide.

Last update: May 6, 2001