Pictures - Spring 2002 meeting of ISAAPT
Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois, April 5-6, 2002
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Photo 1.  Clifford Parker (left) receives the  Outstanding High School Teacher Award  from Gary Wolber.

Photo 2.  Jim Allen, Boeing, Houston,Texas, "International Space Station: An Overview by an EIU Physicist".

Photo 3.  Left to right: Neil Phillips, David Bowman, Tom Baur, Jeff Vollmer, Ken Bower and Jim Allen.  Panel Discussion: "Careers in Physics". Photo 4.  Dave Cornell - Take 5 - "Simple Light Intensity Comparator".  Use filter paper and a drop of Wesson oil.
Photo 5.  The Student Research Symposium award winners were (left to right): Anne Wake, Andrew James and James Gumbart. Photo 6.  Ken Bower, Trace Photonics, Charleston, Illinois.  "The Nuclear Battery".
Photo 7.  Tom Baur, Meadowlark Optics, Frederick, Colorado.  "Mile High Photonics". Photo 8.  Jeff Vollmer, ABC Labs, Columbia, Missouri.  "Overview of ABC Laboratories and Careers in Health Physics".
Photo 9.  Jim Allen (left), Boeing, Houston, Texas and Art Braundmeier, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  

All photographs were taken by David Renneke with a 2.1 megapixel digital camera.  The original photographs are JPG files with 1792 x 1200 pixels.  The photos available from this Web page are resized to be either 300, 600 or 800 pixels wide.

Last update: April 7, 2002