Spring 2011 Meeting of the Illinois Section of the AAPT

"Year of the Solar System"
1-2, 2011
Eastern Illinois University
Physics Department
Charleston, Illinois 61920

We are pleased to invite you to attend the spring meeting of the ISAAPT.  Please come to learn more about physics, discover new tools and techniques for teaching physics, share your experiences via contributed presentations and Take Fives, and meet old and new friends.

Please note that in addition to Lots E and J, you may also park in Lot W south of the athletic fields as shown on this revised map.

Invited speakers

"Where's the Antimatter?"
    Michael Fortner, Northern Illinois University - Friday at 1:00 pm
"The Future of Near Earth Object Observations"
    Robert Holmes, Astronomical Research Observatory - Friday at 3:30 pm
"Citizen Science: Unmanned Space Exploration by You!"
    Pamela Gay, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - Friday at 7:30 pm
"From the Dawn of the Space Age to the Edge of the Solar System"
    Donald Gurnett, University of Iowa - Saturday at 10:00 am


Workshops - All will be on Friday morning.

W1.  9:00-10:25 "Astrometry", Robert Holmes, Joshua Hawkins, and Hannah Tanquary
        Astronomical Research Institute and Eastern Illinois University
W2. 9:00-10:25 "Activities from Teaching About Lightwave Communications"
       Cherie Lehman and Jie Zou, Eastern Illinois University
W3. 10:30-12:00 "Inquiry-Oriented Activities for Teaching Introductory Astronomy"
       Carl Wenning, Illinois State University
W4. 10:30-12:00 "Effectively Implementing Technology into Your Classroom"
       John Metzler, Niles West High School
W5. 10:30-12:00 "Physics, It's Making a Comeback (The Physics of Boomerangs)"
       Society of Physics Students, Eastern Illinois University

High School Teacher Award

The recipient of the 2010-2011 Outstanding High School Physics Teacher Award is Jay Walgren who teaches at Vernon Hills High School, Vernon Hills, Illinois.  He will be presented with the award at the Fall 2011 meeting at Tinley Park.  The dates of our Spring meeting coincide with his school's spring break and it would have been difficult for him to change his vacation plans.


Call for 15 minute Contributed Presentations - Deadlines: Title (Mar. 18), Description (Mar. 25)

Contributed presentations are scheduled on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  There are six categories of presentations: (a) Active Learning, (b) Teaching Methods, (c) Demonstrations, (d) Research, (e) Student Research Symposium and (f) Other.  Please check the appropriate box when you fill out the Online form.  Here is the current list of presentations.

A special reminder for students:  As in the past, this spring you have an opportunity to win an award for your contributed presentation in the Student Research Symposium.


Call for judges:  We need instructors to serve as judges for this symposium.  Please indicate on your registration form if you are willing to serve.  Here is the current list.


Take Fives

Anyone who registers for the meeting may take 5 minutes or less to share a favorite item related to teaching physics - a demonstration, a new Web site, announcement of an upcoming event, ...  Please use the Registration form to tell us the title of your Take Five.  There may be time for a few unannounced Take Fives at the end of the last session of the day.

Registration form.  The deadline for banquet and lunch reservations is Mar. 25


Alex Meadows

Ben Shields

Alyssa Miller

Student Research Symposium award winners.

Robert Holmes

Pamela Gay

Donald Gurnett

 ● The chair of this meeting and local contact for checking on classroom and lab facilities is:
     Doug Brandt, Physics Department, Eastern Illinois University, IL, debrandt@eiu.edu
 ● If you have any problems with submitting information via the online forms or if there are corrections to be made,
David Renneke, 309-786-5247, davidrenneke@augustana.edu

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