Spring Meeting - Illinois Section of the AAPT

March 23, 1999 April 16-17, 1999
Joliet West High School
401 N. Larkin Ave.
Joliet, Illinois
March 21, 1999
Program Details
Tour of
Argonne National Laboratory
Meet at Argonne
I-55 and Cass Ave., Exit 273 (south)
1:00 - 2:30 pm, Friday, April 16
Free - but you must
register by April 12
read this important information.

"Make and Take" Workshop
Tom Senior
and other Chicago area PTRAs

3:00-6:00 pm, Friday, April 16
$20 -
reservation required
Room 225. Limit 20 people

During this three hour workshop, the participants will assemble several items of physics teaching apparatus. Included will be: an audio light variation detector for light wave communication, an audio magnetic field detector, a large electrophorus, a sound interference pattern device, bone conduction speaker, and several other items. The $20 fee will cover the materials. Soldering is a skill you can either mentor or learn during the workshop.
Registration - Auditorium Lobby, Joliet West High School - enter at front of building, near the flagpole - starts at 2:30 pm, Friday (school gets out at 2:40)
First contributed paper session - 3:15 pm, Friday, Little Theater
Dinner - 6:30 pm, Friday, High School Cafeteria
Special Entertainment - Chicago Area Demo Team" - 7:30 pm, Friday, Little Theater
Council meeting - 7:30 am, Saturday morning, Room 201
Second contributed paper session - 8:30 am, Saturday, Little Theater
Invited Speaker
"Biophysics at Argonne's
Advanced Photon Source"
Dr. Tom Irving
Biology Division, BCPS Dept.
Illinois Institute of Technology

10:00 - 10:50 am
Saturday, April 17
Little Theater
Third contributed paper session - 11:00 am, Saturday, Little Theater
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Program chair: If you have any problems with submitting information via the online forms or if there are corrections to be made, contact:
Ann Brandon
Joliet West High School
401 N. Larkin Ave.
Joliet, Illinois 60436
Phone: 815-727-6950
FAX: 815-744-3070
David R. Renneke, Sec.-Treas. of ISAAPT
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Augustana College
Rock Island, IL 61201-2296
Phone: 309-794-3403
FAX: 309-794-7722

Last update: April 16, 1999