Workshop Reservations, Take Fives and Argonne Tour

1999 Spring meeting of the Illinois Section of AAPT
Joliet West High School, Joliet, Illinois

Whenever anyone registers for the meeting by using the Online Registration Form, a line is added to the bottom of this Web page. The list will be periodically edited manually to sort it and to drop the lines containing no workshop reservation, take-five or indication of going on the Argonne tour.

Name Workshop
3:00 - 6:00
Take Five Argonne Tour
Starts at 1:00
Bob Champlin 1    
Warren Lindquist 1    
Hans Muehsler 1    
Laura Nickerson 1    
Kathy Qin 1    
Carl Wenning 1    
David C. Williams   Friday  
Earl Zwicker   Friday - "Tricycle"  
Howard Balfour   Saturday  
Dave Cornell   Saturday  
Roger Malcolm   Saturday  
Bob Grimm     1
Betty LaDouceur     1
Roger Malcolm     1
David Nelson     1
Kathy Qin     1
Shirley Trost     1
Eileen Wild     1

The last update of the table above this line occurred on April 16, 1999.