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Physics is the study of matter and energy and their interactions in the fields of mechanics, acoustics, heat, electricity, magnetism, optics, quantum mechanics, elementary particles, condensed matter, and cosmology.  A physics major is a good choice for students planning a career in scientific research, engineering, and teaching.  Augustana's program prepares students who have these goals, within the context of a liberal arts foundation. 

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CERN researcher Derek Strom
The Higg's boson discovery

Physics and Astronomy Courses - Fall 2015

  ASTR 311  The Solar System
  PHYS 101  Principles of Physics I (survey)
  PHYS 201  Basic Physics I
  PHYS 301  Modern Physics

  PHYS 311  Electricity and Magnetism
  PHYS 325  Experimental Astrophysics
  PHYS 350  Advanced Lab I
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