Augustana Physics Alumni

The Physics/Pre-Engineering Alumni Directory is available online. The directory is password protected. The individual files are encrypted making them useless to Google and other search engines.

Here is the general Augustana alumni webpage. Follow "Update your information", if appropriate.

In 2002 we started a Commencement Photo Archive. Here is the most recent picture.

May 21, 2017
First row:  Joshua Dyer, Nathan Frank, Jacob Herman, Ali Rabeh, Cecilia Vogel, Matthew Tuttle-Tim, Nicholas Misner
Second row:  Ryan McCarthy, Jaleesa Kindred, Lee Carkner, Bill Peterson, Hussam Ibrahim, James van Howe

2017 Graduates

Andrew Bainter
Michael Carlson
Trace Gingerich
Jacob Herman
Hussam Ibrahim
Lauren Johnson
Jaleesa Kindred
Niccolo Laurienti
Ryan McCarthy

Nicholas Misner
Ali Rabeh
Francesco Sposito
Samuel Templeman
Matthew Tuttle-Tim
Alerick Vi
Cayton Wallace
Kyle Zeberlein
Ying Zhao




Last update:  July 19, 2017