Determinism and Free Will:
Does God Play Dice With The Universe?

6:00 pm, Wednesday, February 12, 2003, in Wallenberg Hall
Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois

The Augustana Physics Club sponsored a panel discussion on determinism; whether or not the descriptions that we have of our universe allow for a mechanical model in which all future events are determined by the current state of the universe.  Ideas ranged from those of quantum physics to spiritual issues such as free will.  Members of the panel are all professors at Augustana College.  Special thanks to Ammon Paquette for making the arrangements.

Dr. Cecilia Vogel - Physics and Astronomy
Dr. David Hill - Philosophy
Dr. Dan Lee - Religion
Dr. Jon Clauss - Mathematics and Computer Science

Cecilia Vogel

Cecilia Vogel and Dave Hill


Dan Lee and Jon Clauss

It has been determined that you will use your free will and decide to read this article about storytelling and game design, Interactivity, Plot, Free Will, Determinism, Quantum Mechanics, and Temporal Irreversibility, or not.