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January 23, 2003

January 9, 2003

December 19, 2002

December 5, 2002

November 7, 2002

October 24, 2002

October 10, 2002

September 26, 2002

September 12, 2002

May 9, 2002

April 25, 2002

April 4, 2002

March 14, 2002

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January 23, 2003

** T-Shirts:  They're cool, and only about $8, let Carl know that you want one by Valentine's Day

** Phi Beta Kappa speaker, William Reinhardt, University of Washington will be here talking about Bose Einstein Condensation and Quantum Chromodynamics.  He is willing to meet with us either on March 17th at 2:30 or 4 PM or March 18th at lunchtime, so keep your eyes out for more info on him.

** The Panel Discussion is going to be on a Wednesday at 6 PM within the next 2-4 weeks, most likely on February 12th.  The speakers will be Drs. Mann, Vogel, Storl, and Hill, and Dr. Renneke will be moderating.  Mahoney and Ammon are looking for a title, something to do with "Free Will vs. Determinism" or "Does God Play Dice with the Universe? " ....any suggestions?  

** We also took down the tree and worked on the hovercraft

** How do people feel about having the Fermilab and Argonne trip postponed until next term?  Let me know because we will discuss this at the next meeting

**Next Meeting:  Thursday, February 6, 2003


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January 9, 2003

** T-Shirts:  Carl's sending out an e-mail, but we talked about these...let him know if you want one!

** Panel Discussion: We're trying for a Monday or Wednesday evening, around 6 or 7 PM

** Hover Craft: e-mail Paul about what times you can work...we're really close to being done, we have all the parts, we just need to do the whole assembly thing.

** Demos?  Bob wrote a letter and sent it to local elementary schools.  We'll know soon...

** Activities:  Bowling with Bio Club?  Fermilab--what weekend would work?  Mallards--are you guys still interested?

** Physics Open House: do we want to do this?

** Science Olympiad?  We're waiting to hear from Bio Club on that one. 

** There's a lot of questions in this edition of the minutes.  If you have answers, come to the next meeting  January 23, 2003, same physics time, same physics place!

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December 19, 2002

** Today we only did one thing...have a Christmas party!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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December 5, 2002 This lovely pink is likely the current color of Pat's hair; however, as he decided to not show up for the first two terms we are "uncertain". (Oh ho! Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

** Panel dicussion: Ammon's talked to Dr. Vogel, Dr. Hill, Dr. Storl, and Dr. Mann and all have agreed to speak on something maybe dealing with determinism and separable local realism??  If you don't know what that stuff is, neither do I, so you should go.  But we don't know when it is yet, so be on the look-out for some dates. 

** Hovercraft: The guys worked on it a little this afternoon and they'll be back down there tonight at 6:30, so come help out.  If you want to help but can never seem to make the times, contact Paul Choin and he'll hook you up with something to do. 

** T-Shirts: E-mail any ideas or color preferences to Carl Swienton before the next meeting.  He has a couple fantastic ideas already so we'll be ready to vote at the next meeting on which we like best. We'll order them over break so we can wear them when we get back. 

**Road Trips:  Well, we've decided that we do, in fact, want to go to Minnesota and the Soudan Mines as well as Fermilab.  We really ought to go to Fermilab first, so I'll work on that and maybe throw in Argonne or the Planetarium as well for some Saturday this term...if you have a preference of which Saturday, let me know so we can decide at the next meeting when to go.  Minnesota will be in the spring and I'll get on that, too.  Let me know if you have any ideas of places to stay up in the cold country!

**Demos:  Bob's all over this one.  He's hoping to get some letters out to the schools tomorrow so we can get back to injuring small children.  (I love physics!) 

**Internships: If you're interested in doing an internship this summer (and I highly recommend it!) Kevin will keep sending out updates as he finds them, or you can talk to the professors, or you can try looking up "physics REU" on google.  Now is a good time to be checking those out because most of them start taking applications soon (if not already) and their deadlines are coming up soon after Christmas break. 

**Mallards, anyone?  My roommate has told me she might be able to get us Mallards tickets for free, so I'll find out for sure, and if not I'll let you know the price and get a schedule so we can pick a date next time.  If you can't make the next meeting but want to go, let me know so I know how many tickets to get.  Paul has suggested that if we get it done, maybe we can run the hovercraft across the ice during halftime!  (Okay, so probably not, but that would be cool, wouldn't it? Maybe we'll have to try out the slough instead.)

**War with Bio Club: We have decided that since the Biology Club keeps ignoring our challenge to a bowling match, we are going to begin a war.  Unfortunately, we didn't get it started because Carl left the poster in the discussion room, but soon..."I'll get you, my pretty!" 

**Next Meeting December 19:  We'll have pizza this time (Do you see this, Kevin?  That means you need to order it!) and maybe discuss doing a "documentary" in which Mahoney burns his hand.  See you there!

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November 7, 2002

** Cardboard Regatta: we built a really good boat, but we lost (to theater, of all people!); thus, Kevin was saved form a leap in the slough. 

** Just as a head's up, there's going to be a Biology Science Olympiad sometime, they want us to be in it, but we don't know when.

** T-Shirts: The only shirt submitted was Kevin's Augiefaces picture with the caption "Augustana Physics Club".   We now have a t-shirt committee which Carl is heading up, we want ideas before Christmas so we can order them over break.  We want to be able to wear our T-Shirts during winter term.

** Hovercraft is looking good so far, Paul's hoping to get it done so it can float on ice.  He's thinking of meeting twice a week to work to speed up the process. 

** Panel Discussion next term sometime...more details coming

** Next Meeting: December 5, 2002 (Next Term)

** Happy Thanksgiving!!

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October 24, 2002

** Cardboard Regatta: this event takes place this Saturday at 11AM, Kinsey and Paul will be manning the USS Heisenberg.  So, because we don't want them to get wet, we're working on construction right now (after the meeting today) and we'll be working on it more tonight at 6:30...come help!  (Note: I will not be jumping in the slough; however, Kevin, our fearless leader, has said that if we win he'll take the plunge!)  

** time, we're coming with ideas and voting for sure on these babies so we can start wearing them; therefore, unless you want Mahoney's crazy ideas to take the cake, you'd better come up with some of your own! (If you need help, there's still the website in last time's minutes)

**Road Trip!!!!!!!  Okay, so for the rest of the year we're going to be planning some trips to various places.  The ideas we've come up with so far are here.   Now what we have to do is decide where we want to go for sure and what's actually feasible (ie. Switzerland) and start planning, so send me ideas and preferences and we'll get crackin' on that.

**Panel Discussion: Thanks to Ammon who's all over this one, we've got four professors who say they're for sure interested (Dr. Storl & Dr. Hill in Philosophy, Dr. Mann from religion, and our very own Dr. Vogel).  He's still working on a title, but  we're hoping to make this happen during the first two weeks of next term, so keep your eyes out for that.  

**Just as a head's up, there will be a Phi Beta Kappa speaker coming to campus (not during our Thursday meeting times, but we can arrange something) sometime this March.  Whoever it is does a lot of research on Bose-Einstein Condensation.  (For the curious, here's a fun link with a decent explanation )

**Reminder: the Astronomy Open House is going to be this Saturday at 7PM, rain or shine, so if you want to help out (and poor Dr. Carkner definitely needs some help) be up at the Planetarium at 6PM.  (For more info, see last time's minutes.)

**Some sad news: We have recently received a letter from SPS saying that we have an outstanding chapter and to keep up the good work.  However we are not outstanding enough to win the Outstanding Chapter Award.  

**Next Meeting:  November 7, 2002

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October 10, 2002

**To begin on a happy note, the IMAX was a great success!  

**On the topic of T-Shirts, Mahoney came in with some ideas today that he had found quickly on the site (no, that is not a type-o) which had some great ideas, so check it out before the next meeting and bring suggestions with you!

**On the subject of the Cardboard Regatta (sorry, Carl, for forgetting it in last time's minutes!) Carl is going to be sending out an e-mail later, but I think he's planning on meeting this Sunday at 2 in front of the Science Building to go scavenging for supplies, so be watching for that.  Oh, and that's going to be taking place Homecoming Weekend on the 26th...we will be needing two people to actually sit in our boat in the slough, so let us know if you would be interested!  (If you don't, I have to, and I really don't want to!)

**With the hovercraft, people are going to be meeting in the science building at 6 o'clock this coming Tuesday.  I think Paul will be sending out an e-mail about that, too.  Basically all that's left to be done is buying the few things we can't make and assembling the whole thing, so if that's your cup of tea, come on Tuesday.

**Like Bowling?  We're going to plan a bowling extravaganza sometime 9th or 10th week with Bio and Chem clubs...we'll let you know more when we know more!

**Coming Soon: The Panel Discussion about physics and religion (two years in the making!):  Ammon is working on this with the help of Mahoney and myself...suggestions?  Let us know!  

**Demonstrations:  Have you noticed that we haven't been doing demonstrations this year?  Well, so did we.  So Bob is sending out letters to the local grade schools to see if they'd like us to come.  If you'd be interested in doing some demos, keep watching this site!  We'll let you know what's coming up!

**Also, there is going to be an Astronomy Open House for Halloween on October 26th!  We're going to need help with the telescopes (we have a new one to play with), a slide show, and the planetarium show, as well crowd control (and though I'm really buff, I can't take on of all those people!)   If you'd like to help out, e-mail to let him know, or just show up at 6 o'clock at the John Deere Planetarium.  It promises to be a good time!  (No experience necessary)

**On that note, we were talking about doing a Physics Open House sometime...does this sound like a good idea?  Let us know at the...

**Next Meeting:  October 24, same physics time, same physics place (yeah, I know I'm a nerd :) ) 

**Just to see who's paying attention, here's a quote for the day:

"Very strange people, physicists - in my experience the ones who aren't dead are in some way very ill" -Mr. Standish "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul" by Douglas Adams

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September 26, 2002

**We began this week by electing a new vice president.  Our only nominee was Paul Choin, so after forcing him to make a speech (in which he promised to be better than any of the other candidates), we voted and decided that he was to be our new VP.  Congratulations Paul!

**Next we discussed plans for the was decided that they would meet Tuesday, October 1 in Room 102 of the Science Building to work out some equations. I'm not sure when else they're going to meet or how far they got.  If you have questions, talk to Paul.

**We decided to go to see the IMAX show at the Putnam Museum on Friday, October 4 at 8:30 PM.  We are meeting at the Centennial Circle at 7:45.  I hear it's really cool, so don't be late! 

**We also decided that we would indeed try to get a bowling match together between us and Chem. and Bio Clubs...more information will be forthcoming.

**WE NEED T-SHIRT IDEAS!!!  Find something funny that involves physics and would look good on a t-shirt and bring it next week to the meeting!  (I know, it's more difficult than it first seems, but Please try!)

**If you are thinking about jobs, grad school, trips, and cash rewards in/for physics, talk to Kevin Mahoney because he just got a lot of info (I think in the mail?) and doesn't know what to do with it.  

**One thing that we didn't talk about in the meeting is a new project to work on after we finish the hovercraft; however, someone has suggested something that seems really interesting, so check out this website and let us know what you think about doing this next.

**That's all for now, next meeting: Thursday, October 10, 2002

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September 12, 2002 (Welcome Back!!!!)

**As an introduction, we did some introductions and talked a bit about what we did this summer, any cool internships people had, etc...

**Our first real business was to discuss Pat Watts, or the lack thereof.  Lucky Pat is spending a semester at Penn State doing some cool Math program (or something like that...anyone have the details?), thereby leaving us Vice-Presidentless.  Upon the realization that we will be unable to induce him to return until Spring Term, and the lack of incentive for Derek Strom to return to undergraduate work, we decided it would be a good idea just to re-elect a vice president.  Therefore, at our next meeting, elections will be held.  Come on Thursday, September 26, with ideas of who you would like to have the job!!

**Next we discussed the hovercraft.  It seems that Paul Choin was busy this summer gathering information for us--he randomly stumbled upon the expert hovercraft builder from Junkyard Wars and managed to get us some blueprints and a booklet full of instructions on how to build a hovercraft.  (Who just randomly stumbles across people like this?  Hmmmm...our new VP?)  Due to this wealth of newfound knowledge, our ETC (estimated time to completion) has been drastically reduced.  It has been suggested that perhaps we could finish the project in a weekend or two, so all we need to do is pick a time and dig in.  For any suggestions or comments, come to the next meeting on Thursday, September 26!!!! (or e-mail Paul)

**Our next topic of discussion was the ever present question: "What shall we do this year?" Some suggestions were a Science Fair(s), a Science and Religion Discussion (as was proposed last year), Field Trips (to where?), Bowling as a club, going to the IMAX at the Putnam museum in Davenport (they're playing a show called "Space" that's supposed to be really good) and anything else you guys can think of.  Tell us what you think...come to the next meeting on Thursday, September 26!!!! (or e-mail one of us)

**Something else to think about...we have some money, and we would like to bring a speaker to campus.  One suggesetion was  Leon Ledermann.   (Someone please remind me on Thursday that I have an idea! )  Any other ideas of who to bring?   Come to the next meeting, on Thursday, September 26!!!

**Also, we want a t-shirt this year (unlike last year) and we want to be able to have time to wear it this year, so we want to get it made SOON!!!  Let us know any cool ideas or suggestions you have at the next meeting (Bob, this means you!)  on Thursday, September 26!!!

**Our last order of business was Homecoming.  Shall we participate?  Do we have anyone who would like to partake in such activities as the kick-off dinner, the rope pull, yell, sing, talent show, coronation, the Homecoming Run,  festival (there's a cardboard regatta---anyone want to build a boat?) , the football game, Dr. McCart in a dunk tank...Shall we go as a group to some of these events?  (If we do, perhaps we should aim to have the t-shirts made by then so we can show just how unified Physics Club is!)  Let us know...come to the next meeting on Thursday, September 26!!!!   Also, if Kevin remembered to turn the stuff in, it was decided that we should nominate seniors for court, so congratulations to Bob Hoffmann!!  And myself (hmmm....)

**Well, that's all, folks. Come to the next meeting on Thursday, September 26!!!!

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May 9, 2002 (Last meeting of the year)

**Today all we did was eat pizza (thanks to Kevin) and watch the last half of the Tesla video.

**Congratulations to our seniors on the completion of their four years at Augustana! (We'll miss you!)

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April 25, 2002

(courtesy of Carl as yours truly could not be in attendance)

**"Carlsson Fysics Phun" on Saturday, April 27, at 1 PM in Erickson Field. Derek and Kevin will be shooting rockets and balloons and explaining the physics principles behind them.

**Possible activities with Chemistry and Biology Club include bowling, paintball and highland games. Any more suggestions?

**T-Shirts: Physics Conference from 1920(?). The idea is to interpose our club picture with the great physicists of the early 1900's.

**Possible Road Trips: Rock climbing? Solar Panels in Minnesota? Movies? Illegal Movie Watching? (Oh, wait, we don't do that here!). Any other suggestions? If you have them, let us know so that we can plan activities that you want for next year!

**We are still planning a Physics, Philosophy and Religion discussion with Dr. Mann and Dr. Hill, but it has been postponed until next year. (Sorry Seniors!)

**I have been asked if I need any help with the webpage...well, check out this site and let me know if you have any suggestions or great ideas to make it more fun!

** Next Meeting: May 9, 2002

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April 4, 2002

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

~Albert Einstein

On our agenda today was:

**"Adam Geske has been removed from the position of Pizza Coordinator, he is now just a Jerk." (not my words)

**SPS meeting for Zone 9 (see last time's minutes): we still don't know when it is (thank you, Mr. President), but is anyone interested in going?

**Reminder to everyone that Shanty Town begins Tuesday (4/9) at noon--there are still times that need filled (Tuesday from 5-6 and Wednesday from 9-12) and even if you can't fill those slots but you find yourself bored between noon on Tuesday and noon on Wednesday, come hang out with us on the lower quad.

**Help is needed for the Observatory open house on April 20th (that's a Saturday). This is a really cool day because Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the quarter moon will all be visible (and it's International Astronomy Day). There will be the 8'' telescope outside, the 12''telescope inside, and a planetarium show. If you can help, be there at 7PM so you have time to elbow your way through the crowds before the show starts. If you would like to help but don't know what you're doing (like me), see Dr. Carkner.

**We're still working on the Physics and Religion presentation, the Boomerang Man, and a Road Trip, but we have no more details. I also think we need a movie night or something, but we haven't talked about that yet.

**We are also still looking for more T-shirt ideas...Bob has promised to have his masterpieces drawn out by our next meeting.

**Paul Choin has graciously divided the hovercraft group up into a bunch of smaller projects that can be done on your own because people can't make the meetings (he thinks this will enable us to finish it faster...little does he know we're all clueless). If you are interested in this and have been unable to make the meeting times (or if you're interested and have been able to make the meeting times) you are requested to speak with Paul.

**Thursday May 2 we are doing another mini science fair, this time at Willard Elementary School from 6 until about 7:15. If you can and/or would like to come, talk to Mahoney (and be wary, Carl will be there again trying to seriously injure little girls)

**We voted for the SPS Zone Councellor, Associate Councellor, and President. It was the fastest elections ever--we based our decisions on who was most likely to be a Bear's fan. We also proposed that next year Dr. Vogel be on the ballot.

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March 14, 2002 (Einstein's birthday and p day, 3.14)

Today (at a meeting commemorating the electric blueness of Pat Watts' hair) we discussed the following:

**A successful demo at the Horace Mann Elementary School yesterday by Pat, Kevin, and Carl (except for the part where Carl almost killed a little girl).

**We need Physics Club T-Shirt ideas. So far we have two ideas by Bob and Adam: The flat earth society idea, and the great physics conference picture idea (if you want more details, talk to Adam or Bob). We do not think that this is enough ideas and are therefore in dire need of more!

**The hovercraft is coming well--they are currently working on finding a base (perhaps have already found one). They'll be meeting again tomorrow at 2:30, so come help!

**We're trying to get together bowling matches, basketball games, spades tournament, and/or an ultimate Frisbee game, with just our club or other clubs and organizations. Have you any other ideas of things we could do?

**A Quantum Mechanics, philosophy, and religion discussion with a pre-discussion by Dr. Vogel, about how those topics coincide is in the works. More details to come...

**Kendall Davis, a Boomerang Man, is coming to do demos with a discussion of general physics principles...keep your eyes peeled for dates.

**Saturday April 20 is Annual Astronomy Day, on which we will have an astronomy open house. (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be visible) More details are coming on this as well. (If you're really antsy, talk to Dr. Carkner!)

**Shanty Town? It seems we will be purchasing a box, and will therefore need volunteers to be squatters for a couple hours from Tuesday April 9th to Wednesday April 10th. Let us know if you're interested!

**ROAD TRIP!!! It's a great idea, but where should we go? We're thinking about University of Minnesota, or a visit to various Grad Schools. Any other suggestions?

**There is a Zone 9 (our zone) SPS convention at Coe College coming up soon. They feed you, put you up overnight, and you can even give a talk if you want! For more information, contact Mahoney.

**We have money. We want to spend it. What should we spend it on? We have thought of spending it all on pizza for at the meetings, but as our pizza man doesn't always come through (ahem, Adam), we need some other suggestions!

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