Special Open House at Augustana College - World Year of Physics
Sunday, December 4, 2005 from 1:00-4:00 pm
Science Building - Rooms 102, 107, 108 and the first floor hallway

In conjunction with the worldwide celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of Einstein's theories that profoundly changed physics, the Augustana Chapter of the Society of Physics Students hosted a second open house. The free public demonstrations were aimed at upper-elementary-school children.  The open house presented demonstrations introducing the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics which Einstein pioneered 100 years ago. There were several rooms and the hallway to visit, each with its own theme.

1.  Electricity and Magnetism. In this room were featured demonstrations such as a Van de Graaff generator and antennas.
2.  Waves.  Demonstrations using sound, Slinkies, laser light, and microwaves.  Marshmallows were used to determine the speed of microwaves.
3.  Photons. We illustrated different energy photons through the photoelectric effect and blackbody radiation. To demonstrate blackbody radiation, we had the audience view objects of different temperatures (from liquid-nitrogen cold to glowing hot) using blue and red filters and a new night vision scope.
4.  General Relativity.  Explanation of the theory which explains black holes by looking at the effects of gravity and acceleration.

Here are some photographs taken at the open house on Dec. 4, 2005.