Augustana Physics Club Minutes

March 14, 2002 (Einstein's birthday and p day, 3.14)

Today (at a meeting commemorating the electric blueness of Pat Watts' hair) we discussed the following:

**A successful demo at the Horace Mann Elementary School yesterday by Pat, Kevin, and Carl (except for the part where Carl almost killed a little girl).

**We need Physics Club T-Shirt ideas. So far we have two ideas by Bob and Adam: The flat earth society idea, and the great physics conference picture idea (if you want more details, talk to Adam or Bob). We do not think that this is enough ideas and are therefore in dire need of more!

**The hovercraft is coming well--they are currently working on finding a base (perhaps have already found one). They'll be meeting again tomorrow at 2:30, so come help!

**We're trying to get together bowling matches, basketball games, spades tournament, and/or an ultimate Frisbee game, with just our club or other clubs and organizations. Have you any other ideas of things we could do?

**A Quantum Mechanics, philosophy, and religion discussion with a pre-discussion by Dr. Vogel, about how those topics coincide is in the works. More details to come...

**Kendall Davis, a Boomerang Man, is coming to do demos with a discussion of general physics principles...keep your eyes peeled for dates.

**Saturday April 20 is Annual Astronomy Day, on which we will have an astronomy open house. (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be visible) More details are coming on this as well. (If you're really antsy, talk to Dr. Carkner!)

**Shanty Town? It seems we will be purchasing a box, and will therefore need volunteers to be squatters for a couple hours from Tuesday April 9th to Wednesday April 10th. Let us know if you're interested!

**ROAD TRIP!!! It's a great idea, but where should we go? We're thinking about University of Minnesota, or a visit to various Grad Schools. Any other suggestions?

**There is a Zone 9 (our zone) SPS convention at Coe College coming up soon. They feed you, put you up overnight, and you can even give a talk if you want! For more information, contact Mahoney.

**We have money. We want to spend it. What should we spend it on? We have thought of spending it all on pizza for at the meetings, but as our pizza man doesn't always come through (ahem, Adam), we need some other suggestions!

If I have made any errors, please correct them. Thanks!

Karen Andeen