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Voyage To The Milky Way
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Leaving Earth/Journey to the Stars
This program brings viewers to the strange new world of space exploration, a junction where real estate developers, scientists, visionaries, amateur rocketeers and government bureaucrats meet. The program looks squarely at the science and cents behind space travel, revealing that the race between the public and private sectors to carry out expeditions in space is as ambitious as those of the early explorers. Viewers experience live-action sequences with extensive 3-D computer animation to show the new dreams and maverick visionaries behind intergalactic travel and colonization.
CC, Stereo, TV-G
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05/19/1999 -- 8:00pm
05/19/1999 -- 8:00pm, 1:00am, 4:00am
05/22/1999 -- 4:00am

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