Courses in Physics and Astronomy
Fall 2017

ASTR-311 The Solar System
A non-calculus course examining the history, motions and properties of the sun, planets, moons and other members of our own and other planetary systems. Results of recent space discoveries will be emphasized. The methods and tools used by astronomers will be examined. Observing sessions in the observatory and the John Deere Planetarium will be required.
Lee Carkner
PHYS-101 Principles of Physics I
Mechanics, waves, sound and fluids. Lectures and two-hour lab weekly.
Nathan Frank (01, 02)
Bill Peterson (03)
PHYS-201 Basic Physics I
Fundamentals of mechanics for scientists and engineers. Lectures, one-hour discussion, two-hour lab weekly. Corequisite or prerequisite: Mathematics 219.
Joshua Dyer
PHYS-301 Introduction to Modern Physics
Relativity, quantum phenomena, spectra and atomic structure, radioactivity, nuclear structure and reactions, elementary particles. Prerequisite: 203.
Cecilia Vogel
PHYS-311 Electricity and Magnetism
Electrostatic and magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, Maxwell's equations. (Offered in alternate years.) Prerequisites: 203, Mathematics 220.
James van Howe
PHYS-325 Experimental Astrophysics
Selected experiments in astrophysics involving use of the telescopes, photography, computer tracking and spectroscopy. (Offered in alternate years.) Prerequisite: Introductory Physics.
Lee Carkner
PHYS-350 Advanced Lab I
Statistical evaluation and plotting of experimental data using spreadsheets and graphics software. Selected experiments in interfacing instruments and computers. Prerequisite: 203.
James van Howe