Courses in Physics and Astronomy
Spring 2019

ASTR-315 Stars, Nebulae and Galaxies
A non-calculus course introducing the properties of stars, nebulae and galaxies, and the methods and tools astronomers use to study these objects. Observing sessions in the observatory and in the John Deere Planetarium will be required.
Lee Carkner
PHYS-103 Principles of Physics III
Optics, relativity, atomic physics and nuclear physics. Lectures and two-hour lab weekly.
James Wetzel (01) and
   Cecilia Vogel (02)
PHYS-170 Introduction to Engineering
Types of engineering, teamwork and leadership, proposals and prototypes and engineering ethics. In-class discussion, team projects, written essays and presentations.
Joshua Dyer
PHYS-203 Basic Physics III
Fundamentals of electricity and magnetism. Lectures, one-hour discussion, two-hour lab weekly. Prerequisite: 202.
Nathan Frank
PHYS-305 History of Physics and Engineering in Europe
Traces 20th century European scientific and technological discoveries, institutions, achievements and events of the past, both in relation to one another and in relation to the present.  Emphasis on interrelationship between science and society.
Joshua Dyer
PHYS-316 Computer Applications
Special methods of programming computers to obtain numerical solutions to a wide range of problems. Includes simulation, graphing techniques, visualization and Web page creation. (Offered in alternate years.) Prerequisites: 203 and some experience in programming.
Nathan Frank
PHYS-352 Advanced Lab III
Selected experiments in modern physics including beta absorption, gamma ray spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy and x-ray diffraction. Prerequisite: 350.
Bill Peterson
PHYS-360 Optics
Studies of physical optics and modern optical phenomena. (Offered in alternate years.) Prerequisite: 203.
James Wetzel