Pre-Engineering at Augustana College

Augustana is affiliated with the following engineering schools.  Here are the specific fields of engineering that are available at each of these schools with convenient links to each field.  Here is a guide to engineering that tells about each field of engineering

In this coordinated dual degree program, a student can earn both a bachelor of arts degree from Augustana College and a bachelor of science degree in engineering from one of these universities

These programs normally require three years in residence at Augustana followed by at least two years in residence at the engineering school. While at Augustana the student pursues a broad, general education in the liberal arts while simultaneously obtaining the basic training in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science which is required for the study of engineering.

Tyler Schurr ('09)

Since it is expected that most general education requirements for the Augustana degree, together with a departmental major, will be completed before transferring to the university, the engineering advisor works closely with the student in planning and monitoring his or her academic progress. It is important that a student interested in this coordinated degree program meet with the advisor early in the first year of college.  Typical majors include Physics, Engineering Physics, Computer Science, or Chemistry.

The criteria for transferring to a university as well as standards which transfer students must meet are established by the university. Augustana cannot guarantee acceptance by the university of the student planning to pursue one of these programs.  The University of Illinois provides the current Intercollegiate and Interdepartmental Transfer Guidelines for their College of Engineering.  Note that all grade point averages must be met by overall GPA and technical GPA which includes calculus, physics and chemistry.

For more information contact the advisor for this program,

   Joshua Dyer
   Department of Physics and Astronomy
   Augustana College
   Rock Island, IL 61201

Last update:  June 15, 2010