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2003-2004 Officers

SPS National

Club Photo taken September 12, 2002

Highlights from 2002-2003

Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Banquet - April 16, 2003

First row:  Ammon Paquette, Kristin Hanekamp, Randall Bill, Chris Johnson.  Second row:  Kevin Wierzbicki, Peter Schlichting, Mihailo Backovic, John Mischler, Kevin Murphy.  The guest speaker was John Goree, "Making a Plasma Act Like a Crystal".

Panel discussion on "Determinism and Free Will", Feb. 12, 2003

Cecilia Vogel

Cecilia Vogel and Dave Hill


Dan Lee and Jon Clauss

Christmas party, Dec. 19, 2002 -- Dr. Carkner making ice cream flavored with red and green M & Ms.

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Measuring the milk

Randy Bill pouring the LN
Adding liquid nitrogen

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Cardboard boat construction and race - Homecoming - Oct. 19, 2002

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The PCB Heisenberg

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Kinsey, Kevin, Paul, Carl

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Paul Choin, Kinsey Olson

Highlights from 2001-2002

Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Banquet - April 23, 2002

Paul Barton, Mike Koepp, Adam Guy and Dan Pfeifer.  The guest speaker was Cecilia Vogel, "Switch Your Focus to Equalization - What nonlinear optics can do for you".


Derek, Pat and Karen

"Benefits of Summer Research for Undergraduates", Derek Strom, Pat Watts, and Karen Andeen - Thursday, Jan. 31, 2002 at 11:30 am in Science 304.  Each of these physics majors spent about 15 minutes sharing their exciting experiences of doing research during the summer of 2001 - Pat at the U. of Florida and Karen and Derek at FermilabHere are some great opportunities in physics and engineering.

Working on an engine for the hovercraft project.  This work is being done in the physics shop located in the basement of the science building.  Club members had earlier built a working prototype of a hovercraft and demonstrated how it could move down the hallway.  Pictured here are Pat Watts, Nate Atterberry and Paul Choin (seated).

January 8, 2002

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