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M86 in the Virgo Cluster

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The next meeting will be on Thurs., Sep. 17, 11:30 am, SC 120.
  2009-2010 Officers
Club Photo taken September 18, 2008
     President: Kyle Weigand
     V. President: Adam Krusza
     Secretary: Mark Warren
     Treasurer: Gee Nguyen
     Outreach: Adam Krusza
     Publicity: Mark Hillstrom 
  Highlights from 2008-2009

Olympic-themed Physics Open House, Oct 5
Homecoming Cardboard Boat Regatta, Oct. 11
Fall Open House at the observatory, Nov. 1
Congratulations to Gabe Caceres on winning the top physics prize in research competition sponsored by the U.S. DOE
Presentation by Gabe Caceres on "Searching for Dark Matter", Nov. 24
Christmas party, Dec. 18
Physics of Toys Open House, Feb. 8
Presentation by the Iowa State Solar Decathalon team, Mar. 24
Denkmann Elementary School Science Night, Apr. 7
Astronomy Day Open House at the observatory, May 2

Gabe Caceres - Nov. 24

"Physics of Toys" - Feb. 8



Scarecrow - Club T-shirt


Gabe Caceres and Dr. Vogel

"Dark Matter" - Nov. 24

Physics Club Cardboard Boat 2008

  Highlights from 2007-2008

Presentation by Gabe Caceres on his research at Fermilab, "Cryogenic Dark Matter Search", Oct. 11
Watched a video, the MythBusters program about baseball myths, Sep. 27 and Oct. 25
Homecoming Cardboard Boat Regatta, Oct. 27
Fall Open House at the observatory, Nov. 3
Christmas party, Dec. 20
Physics MythBusters Open House, Jan. 20
"The Science of Sword Making", Dr. Robert Frank, Feb. 7
Watch the NOVA video: "Secrets of the Samurai Sword", Feb. 7
Bowling, Feb. 10, 2:00 pm, Town & Country Lanes, Rock Island
QC Elite Robotics Test and Media Days, Feb. 16-17, Southpark Mall
Lunar Eclipse Open House, Feb. 20
Research talks Derek Strom ('02) described particle physics experiments at Fermilab.  Karen Andeen ('03) talked about IceCube - a neutrino experiment located at the South Pole.  Tim Tharp's topic was the Madison Symmetric Torus.  Apr. 17.  Derek is a grad student at Northwestern University.  Karen and Tim are grad students at the U. of Wisconsin in Madison.
Science Day Open House, Apr. 27
Pyrotechnics Training and Fireworks Show, May 4, near Maysville, Iowa
Physics Open House, May 10
Astronomy Day Open House at the observatory, May 10
"Fifty Years of Space Research at the University of Iowa"
, Dr. Donald Gurnett, May 12, Sigma Pi Sigma - new members

"Sword Making"   Feb. 7

Metal hardening...

Derek, Karen & Tim - Apr. 17

Fireworks show - May 4

Physics MythBusters Open House, Jan. 20.

Jake showing images

"Bending" light

Alaina illustrating dispersion


Christmas party - Dec. 20

Lee making the ice cream

Adding the liquid nitrogen


Joe, Cecilia, Dean and Lee

Homecoming Cardboard Boat Regatta - Oct. 27

Gabe, Jim and Alaina

Finishing touches...

Check out the wake


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 Physics Van - University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

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