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Chapter Advisor:  Dr. Cecilia Vogel
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Young Suns of NGC 7129

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The next meeting will be at 11:30 am on Tuesday, Sep. 27.  For the rest of the Fall term the regular meetings will be every other Tuesday.
  2011-2012 Officers
Club Photo taken September 2, 2010
     President: Andrew Kim
     V. President: Andrew Palm
     Secretary: Natalie Viscariello
     Treasurer: Gee Nguyen
     Outreach: Steve Ash and Mark Hillstrom
     Publicity: Stuart Casarotto

    ▲  Fundraising: Ahmed Abuzant
  Highlights from 2010-2011

Cub scouts visit campus - Physics Club demos, May 8
Visit to Stone's apple orchard, Sep. 24

Astronomy Fall Open House at the observatory, Oct. 23
Pie the Prof event, Nov. 2
Annual Christmas party featuring liquid nitrogen ice cream made by Dr. Carkner, Dec. 16
Laserfest Open House, Mar. 19
Spring Open House and Planet Viewing at the observatory, May 7
  Highlights from 2009-2010

Current research in Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University, Dr. LeAnn Faidley, Oct. 1
"Advances in Tire/Vehicle Noise Reduction", Dr. J. Daniel Britton, Oct. 22
Astronomy Fall Open House at the observatory, Oct. 24
Society of Physics Students Zone 9 Meeting, Nov. 20-21 - photos
Annual Christmas party featuring liquid nitrogen ice cream made by Dr. Carkner, Dec. 17 - photos

"Ice Fishing for Neutrinos", Dr. Francis Halzen, U. of Wisconsin-Madison, Jan. 21
Cub Scouts energy demo, April 15
Astronomy Day Open House at the observatory, April 17
"Quantum Information", Dr. Kishor Kapale, Western Illinois University, May 4, Sigma Pi SIgma - new members

Some Physics Links
   National Supercomputing Centers
   Argonne National Laboratory
   Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Physics Outreach Programs at Other Schools
 Physics Van - University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

SPS Chapters, Zones and Programs
   National SPS
   SPS zone 9 - Augustana belongs to this zone

Augustana SPS Archive
   Some history of our chapter - starting in 1996
   Sep. 17, 2001
   May 12, 2002
   Mar. 17, 2003
   Sep. 9, 2003 - club photo for 2002-2003
   Sep. 13, 2004 - club photo for 2003-2004
   Sep. 7, 2005 - club photo for 2004-2005
   Sep. 27, 2006 - club photo for 2005-2006
   Sep. 6, 2007 - club photo for 2006-2007
   Sep. 8, 2008 - club photo for 2007-2008
   Sep. 7, 2009 - club photo for 2008-2009
   Sep. 9, 2010 - club photo for 2009-2010

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