Society of Physics Students Zone 9 Meeting
SPS, Physics Department, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
April 21-22, 2006

Featured presentation

The Physics of Superheroes

James Kakalios
Physics Department, University of Minnesota

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Friday, April 21
4:30 pm Registration and Refreshments
Wilson Center in the College Center

Dr. James Kakalios

Demos on Saturday

5:00 pm Panel:  "Preparing for and Applying to Graduate School", Wilson Center
Panelists: James Kakalios, University of Minnesota
Steven Spangler, University of Iowa
Carol Thompson, Northern Illinois University
Soeren Prell, Iowa State University
Rebecca Lindell, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

Left to right:  Soeren Prell, James Kakalios, Cecilia Vogel (moderator),
Carol Thompson, Steven Spangler and Rebecca Lindell.

6:30 pm Banquet.  Reservation required by Wednesday, April 19.  Cost: $17.50
Wilson Center
8:00 pm "The Physics of Superheroes", James Kakalios, University of Minnesota
Science Building Room 304
10:00 pm

Movies  -  To be announced
Carl Gamble Observatory open for viewing (weather permitting)

Saturday, April 22  
9:00 am Tour, "Franklin is Electric" Open House, Demos
Science Building - 1st Floor

Radiation demos
Talk by Charles Staniger
Tuning fork - Allen Riley

9:45 am Student Presentations, Swenson Hall of Geoscience, Room 107
  1.  Lukas Swanson, Carthage College
      "Sonoluminescence: Harnessing Acoustic Energy to Excite
           a Trapped Single Bubble System to Emit Light"

  2.  Charles Staniger, Carthage College
  3.  Daniel Barrett, Augustana College
      "The Expanding Universe"
10:30 am Break
10:45 am Student Presentations
  4.  Allen Riley, UW River Falls
      "Near Field Sound Directivity of Tuning Forks"
  5.  Melissa Motorozesku, Carthage College
      "Neurological Probe"
11:30 am Lunch (free but reservations are required)
Physics of Superheroes Trivia Game
Swenson Hall of Geoscience, Room 107
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