Group Registration Form

Society of Physics Students Zone 9 Meeting

Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
April 21-22, 2006

Please use this form and register as a group.  Later, if some of this information changes, either (a) send this form again with everything filled out or (b) send an e-mail to David Renneke with the new information.  Note:  The deadline for banquet and lunch reservations is Wednesday, April 19.   Students should bring a sleeping bag and a pillow if they choose "crash" housing. 

Contact Information of the SPS Advisor

School name
First name Last name    
School Address - line 1
School Address - line 2
City State ZIP code  
No. of people attending including advisors           
No. of female students who require "crash" housing       
No. of male students who require "crash" housing          
No. of students giving 10 min talks     No. of students presenting 1.1 x 1.1 m posters 
  No. Unit Cost Amount
 Friday banquet (6:30 pm) $17.50
 Saturday lunch (reservation required) free  
 Comments (e.g. special dietary needs)

Last update:  April 6, 2006