The next regular occasion for accepting new members to the John Deere Chapter will be at our fall meeting, 2018.  Deadline:  Paperwork and payment must be received no later than two weeks before the induction ceremony.  Here are the instructions.

Call for Nominations of New Members

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to invite those of you who are not already members to join, and for those who are active members to make nominations. Junior faculty can be nominated for full membership, and students who have done research with you (publication not required) can be nominated for associate membership. Here are the qualifications for membership.

Membership comes with a digital subscription to The American Scientist magazine. The articles cover many different disciplines and are written at the level of the general scientist so they are usually accessible to our science students. 

For students hoping to get into grad school, associate membership in Sigma Xi is a good indicator on a resume that they are seriously interested in research.

Please get back to me as soon as possible with questions or nominations. The nomination form is available online in two formats: Word and PDF. Either one may be downloaded to your computer and printed out. The required information may be typed directly into the Word document. The PDF document may be filled in using Adobe Acrobat and some versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

A completed nomination form may be sent to me by regular mail or email (preferred). The nomination requires input from three people - the nominee, the nominator and the second nominator. It also requires additional information as explained in the instructions for the form.

Assuming you are the nominator, here is a way to do it electronically. 

 1. Ask the nominee to download the Word form, fill out the Nominee part using Microsoft Word, and
       send the file to you as an email attachment.
 2. Use Microsoft Word to fill out the Nominator part and email the file to me, Yunye Shi.
 3. As the seconder, I will fill out the Second Nominator part.
 4. Send me the additional information about the nominee as a Word file.
 5. I will send the nomination form and the additional information document to the Sigma Xi national office.

If you are an inactive member of Sigma Xi (i.e. you have not paid your national dues), you can follow Step 1 above but you should not fill out the Nominator part. A sentence near the bottom of the instructions says, "If no nominators are provided, the chapter will provide both a first and second nominator." In other words, modify Step 2 above to be:

2a. Email the nomination form to Susa Stonedahl without filling out the Nominator part. Susa will fill
       out the Nominator part and send it to me.

6. The nominee should send a check for the initiation fees and dues to the chapter secretary,
      Shara Stough. Checks should be made out to "John Deere Chapter of Sigma Xi".  

Initiation fee:  $20
   Annual national dues:  $125 for Full or Associate Members
   Promotion fee:  $10 (added to dues where applicable)
   Student members:  $40

So, in summary, the total fees for those who are nominated are:

   New student members:  $60
   New full members:  $145
   New associate members:  $145
   Promotion of associate to full members if their 2018-2019 dues were already paid:  $10
   Promotion of associate to full members if their 2018-2019 dues were not paid:  $135

Yunye Shi