New Members - Oct. 20, 2003
John Deere Chapter of Sigma Xi

Allison Haskill full Communication Sciences and Disorders


Paul Koch full Dean of Arts and Sciences St. Ambrose
Robert Mitchell full Physics and Astronomy St. Ambrose
Donald Shaw full Biology Augustana
Waseemuddin Ahmed associate senior pre-med Augustana
C. Gregory Choyke associate junior biology, pre-dentistry Augustana
Bradley J. Cosentino associate senior biology, pre-med, religion Augustana
Jonathan C. Edmonson associate senior biology, pre-med Augustana
L'Erin Leigh-Anne Harmon associate senior biology, pre-med Augustana
Ashley E. Hillard associate junior biology Augustana
Marc Landeweer associate senior physics, chemistry, mathematics Augustana
Christopher G. Johnson associate senior physics and math, computer science Augustana
Tricia L. Kostner associate senior communication sciences and disorders Augustana
Kevin H. Mahoney associate senior physics Augustana
Erin M. McGonigle associate junior biology, pre-med, French Augustana
John A. Mischler associate junior physics Augustana
Aaron C. West associate senior biology, chemistry Augustana
Jason J. Williams associate senior biology Augustana

Dec. 3, 2003

Michael R. Koepp associate senior physics Augustana
Kyle J. Minch associate junior biology Augustana
Ammon A. Paquette associate junior physics, mathematics Augustana
Amanda J. Tiffany associate senior biology, Spanish Augustana

Apr. 13, 2004

Megan E. Bales associate junior biology Augustana