Events in 2011-2012
John Deere Chapter of Sigma Xi

Undergraduate Research in Neutron-rich Atomic Nuclei

Dr. Nathan Frank
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Augustana College

Dec. 1, 2011
Wilson Center at Augustana College

New members

Research Presentations
Jan. 24, 2012
Augustana College

New associate members of the chapter inducted in December presented either a 10 minute talk or a poster describing the research that they had been doing.

NOVA ScienceNow
Apr. 18, 2012
St. Ambrose University

The third program of the year featured these three topics and local scientists.

"Revealing the Origins of Life"
Patrick Crawford, Augustana

"Magic and the Brain"
Ian Harrington, Augustana

"Smart Grid"
James van Howe, Augustana