Events in 1997-1998
John Deere Chapter of Sigma Xi

"The Evolution of the Earth's Continents: Melting in the Deep Crust"

Michael Wolf
Geology Department, Augustana College

Dec. 17, 1997

The continents upon which we live did not always exist -- they have grown slowly through time. Dr. Wolf discussed various geologic processes that have contributed to the Earth's evolution. After the talk, Professor Wolf gave a tour of his rock-melting research lab, for those who were interested.

"Atanasoff-Berry Computer"

John Hauptman
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Iowa State University

Feb. 12, 1998
Augustana College

The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (or ABC) was the first electronic digital computer!  A replica of the ABC was on display on the 5th floor of the Augustana College library from February 1-20.

The idea for the ABC was conceived by Dr. John Atanasoff, professor at Iowa State, at a tavern in Rock Island in the winter of 1937. In 1939, he and his graduate assistant, Clifford Berry, constructed a prototype. More information can be found in the book, "The Innovators" by Walter Isaacson (2014).

Sigma Xi Poster Session

Mar. 19, 1998
Upper level of the College Center, Augustana College

Researchers from the Quad Cities area presented the results of their scientific endeavors at the fourth annual Sigma Xi poster session. Light refreshments were served.

Sigma Xi Annual Banquet

May 14, 1998
Wilson Center, Augustana College
Lecture in the John Deere Lecture Hall

"Laser Holography and the Photonic Revolution"

Dr. Tung H. Jeong
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Director, Center for Photonics Studies
Lake Forest College

Induction of new members at the banquet