Official Registered Men Runners

19th Annual Brissman-Lundeen
Augustana College Cross Country Invitational
September 29, 2000

8000/5000 meters
Hosted by Augustana College
Highland Springs Golf Course, Rock Island, Illinois

          No.      Name                    Year       School
           1  Matt Delagrange               Sr  Augustana College
           2  Dan Fortney                   Sr  Augustana College
           3  Brian Jackson                 Sr  Augustana College
           4  Wally Levernier               Sr  Augustana College
           5  Carl Shock                    Sr  Augustana College
           6  Brad Slupianek                Sr  Augustana College
           7  Chris Sweet                   Sr  Augustana College
           8  Scott Wadle                   Sr  Augustana College
           9  Creston Fenn                  Jr  Augustana College
          10  Matt Fisher                   Jr  Augustana College
          11  Tim Heisler                   Jr  Augustana College
          12  John Knudson                  Jr  Augustana College
          13  Rudy Kovachevich              Jr  Augustana College
          14  Craig Lawrence                Jr  Augustana College
          15  Jeff Paul                     Jr  Augustana College
          16  Matt Pehle                    Jr  Augustana College
          17  Will Dwyer                    So  Augustana College
          18  Clint Franks                  So  Augustana College
          19  Nate Marchese                 So  Augustana College
          20  Tom Merritt                   So  Augustana College
          21  Jason Pedersen                So  Augustana College
          22  Kevin Prill                   So  Augustana College
          23  Braxton Showalter             So  Augustana College
          24  Andrew Vaughn                 So  Augustana College
          25  Steve Wahls                   So  Augustana College
          26  Mike Bartlett                 Fr  Augustana College
          27  Randy Bill                    Fr  Augustana College
          28  Jeff Buth                     Fr  Augustana College
          29  Ryan Chapman                  Fr  Augustana College
          30  Chris Coon                    Fr  Augustana College
          31  Brad Cosentino                Fr  Augustana College
          32  Dan Erb                       Fr  Augustana College
          33  Daniel Finn                   Fr  Augustana College
          34  Jonathan Ponser               Fr  Augustana College
          35  Robert Ristau                 Fr  Augustana College
          36  Dave Stoppel                  Fr  Augustana College
          37  Brandon Wilkins               Fr  Augustana College
          38  Jason Williams                Fr  Augustana College
          39                                    Augustana College
          40  Luke Cooley                       Agustana CC Club
          41                                    Agustana CC Club
          42  Luke Bennett                  Jr  Central College
          43  Doug Gildersleeve             So  Central College
          44  Jarret Heil                   So  Central College
          45  Micah Puyear                  Sr  Central College
          46  Josh Puyear                   Sr  Central College
          47  Ben Barker                    So  Central College
          48  Jeff Gray                     So  Central College
          49  Jason Schippers               So  Central College
          50  Austin Kitchen                So  Central College
          51  Joey Felton                   Fr  Central College
          52  Brett Van Waus                Fr  Central College
          53  Matt Skeens                   Fr  Central College
          54  Ryan McGowan                  Jr  Central College
          55  Mike Zmolek                   So  Central College
          56  Mike McCarty                  Fr  Central College
          57  Glen Fuhrmeister              So  Central College
          58  Ryan Thompson                 Jr  Central College
          59  Peter Wagner                  So  Central College
          60  Dave Sherman                  So  Central College
          61  Seth Comfort                  So  Central College
          62  Chris Lauman                  Sr  Central College
          63  Kevin Lindberg                Sr  Central College
          64  Jacob Oyen                    Fr  Central College
          65  Mike Baltes                   Fr  Central College
          66                                    Central College
          67  Oliver Richards               Sr  University of Chicago
          68  Joe Winebrenner               So  University of Chicago
          69  Patrick White                 So  University of Chicago
          70  Mike Tyree                    So  University of Chicago
          71  Mike Schmitt                  Sr  University of Chicago
          72  Billy Cottrell                So  University of Chicago
          73  Patrick Sullivan              Fr  University of Chicago
          74  Sam Yount                     Fr  University of Chicago
          75  Tom Haxton                    Fr  University of Chicago
          76  Sean Rourke                   Fr  University of Chicago
          77  Karl Striepe                  Fr  University of Chicago
          78  Mark Hanson                   Sr  University of Chicago
          79  Jesse Bloom                   Sr  University of Chicago
          80  Rory Conway                   Sr  University of Chicago
          81  Peter Bugg                    So  University of Chicago
          82                                    University of Chicago
          83  Aaron Giese                   Sr  Clark College
          84  Bradley Miller                So  Clark College
          85  Matthew Wilden                Jr  Clark College
          86  Fabian Yaklin                 So  Clark College
          87                                    Clark College
          88  Sam Bennett                   So  Coe College
          89  Warren Clarida                Fr  Coe College
          90  Robert DeSpain                Fr  Coe College
          91  Joshua Divoky                 So  Coe College
          92  Mark Hansen                   So  Coe College
          93  Robert Horkey                 Fr  Coe College
          94  Jon McClintock                Jr  Coe College
          95  William Navis                 So  Coe College
          96  Johann Pasion                 Jr  Coe College
          97  Caleb Smith                   So  Coe College
          98  Seth Thorson                  So  Coe College
          99  Todd Tompkins                 So  Coe College
         100  Chris Walk                    Jr  Coe College
         101                                    Coe College
         102  Ean Caskey                    Fr  Cornell College
         103  Matt Jones                    Fr  Cornell College
         104  Nathan Means                  Fr  Cornell College
         105  Jordan Zuccarelli             Fr  Cornell College
         106  Toby Brown                    Sr  Cornell College
         107  Ethan Schniedermeyer          Sr  Cornell College
         108                                    Cornell College
         109  Pat Cleary                    Sr  University of Dubuque
         110  Kenny Hunt                    So  University of Dubuque
         111  Dan Maline                    Sr  University of Dubuque
         112  Reggie Miller                 Fr  University of Dubuque
         113  Nate Rucker                   Sr  University of Dubuque
         114  Pat Ryan                      Sr  University of Dubuque
         115  Kraig Schultz                 Jr  University of Dubuque
         116  Brett Knox                    Jr  University of Dubuque
         117                                    University of Dubuque
         118  Andrew Easdale                Jr  Graceland University
         119  Jamie Stnford                 So  Graceland University
         120  Jordan Hale                   Jr  Graceland University
         121  Joseph Aulwes                 So  Graceland University
         122  Jeremy Engbrecht              Sr  Graceland University
         123  Tom Nichols                   Fr  Graceland University
         124  Steve Bryson                  Sr  Graceland University
         125  Mike Burnett                  Fr  Graceland University
         126  Aaron Paris                   Fr  Graceland University
         127  Steve Scime                   Jr  Graceland University
         128                                    Graceland University
         129  Michael Ball                  Fr  Greenville College
         130  Jimmy Bean                    Jr  Greenville College
         131  Aaron Bowlin                  Fr  Greenville College
         132  Andy Bratten                  Fr  Greenville College
         133  Robbie Cochrum                Fr  Greenville College
         134  Aaron Colflesh                Jr  Greenville College
         135  Shane Cress                   So  Greenville College
         136  Jason Denbo                   So  Greenville College
         137  Jonathon Eckberg              So  Greenville College
         138  Dustin Franckey               Fr  Greenville College
         139  Antwan Garnett                Jr  Greenville College
         140  Luke Hall                     Fr  Greenville College
         141  Jimmy Hood                    Fr  Greenville College
         142  Jered Johnson                 So  Greenville College
         143  Denny Lau                     Fr  Greenville College
         144  Jess Lehman                   Jr  Greenville College
         145  Nathan Liechty                So  Greenville College
         146  Beau Meredith                 Fr  Greenville College
         147  Cory Merriman                 So  Greenville College
         148  Matt Miller                   Fr  Greenville College
         149  Eric Moss                     Fr  Greenville College
         150  Justin Snider                 Jr  Greenville College
         151  Brian Weiss                   So  Greenville College
         152  Jeff Yenchko                  Fr  Greenville College
         153                                    Greenville College
         154  Tom Beaudin                   So  Grinnell College
         155  Matt Becker                   So  Grinnell College
         156  Ben Bell                      Fr  Grinnell College
         157  Adam Booth                    Fr  Grinnell College
         158  Daren Brantley                Fr  Grinnell College
         159  David Creasey                 Fr  Grinnell College
         160  Ben Dyer                      Fr  Grinnell College
         161  Mike Heller                   So  Grinnell College
         162  Adam Klepper                  Fr  Grinnell College
         163  Patrick Knoedler              So  Grinnell College
         164  Justin McCollum               Fr  Grinnell College
         165  Devan McGranahan              Fr  Grinnell College
         166  Thomas Par                    So  Grinnell College
         167  Paul Pasquesi                 Jr  Grinnell College
         168  Tony Stubblebine              Sr  Grinnell College
         169  Jared Vincenti                Fr  Grinnell College
         170  David Gurinsky                Fr  Grinnell College
         171                                    Grinnell College
         172  Faith Amano                   Jr  Knox College
         173  Brian Barnacle                Sr  Knox College
         174  Frank Elliott                 So  Knox College
         175  Dennis Fricks                 Sr  Knox College
         176  Sam Grant                     Fr  Knox College
         177  Paul Grinis                   Jr  Knox College
         178  Liam Harty                    So  Knox College
         179  Brian McAllister              Sr  Knox College
         180  Eric Miller                   Jr  Knox College
         181  Justin Newberry               Fr  Knox College
         182  John O'Malley                 Sr  Knox College
         183  Derek Papp                    Sr  Knox College
         184  Scott Salyards                Fr  Knox College
         185  Tom Viner                     Jr  Knox College
         186  Nick Zafiropoulos             So  Knox College
         187                                    Knox College
         188  Kevin Renicker                Jr  Loras College
         189  Marcus Murphy                 Fr  Loras College
         190  Jeff Decker                   Sr  Loras College
         191  Chad Zellers                  Jr  Loras College
         192  Chris Rubel                   Sr  Loras College
         193  Nick Rubel                    Fr  Loras College
         194  Dan Lahart                    So  Loras College
         195  Ryan Foley                    Sr  Loras College
         196  Andy Jelinek                  Fr  Loras College
         197  Rob Aeshliman                 Jr  Loras College
         198  John O'Connar                 Fr  Loras College
         199  Jared Harvey                  Jr  Loras College
         200  Dan Folmer                    Fr  Loras College
         201  Mike Rhoner                   Fr  Loras College
         202  Brad Frideres                 Jr  Loras College
         203  Marc Runde                    Fr  Loras College
         204                                    Loras College
         205  Jesse Abing                   So  Luther College
         206  Joseph Adderley               So  Luther College
         207  Evan Almelien                 So  Luther College
         208  Alex Anderson                 So  Luther College
         209  Joe Bauer                     Fr  Luther College
         210  Austin Budlong                Jr  Luther College
         211  Charlie Burnham               So  Luther College
         212  Paul Callahan                 Fr  Luther College
         213  Nate Canton                   Jr  Luther College
         214  Andy Cooper                   So  Luther College
         215  Brendan Dolan                 Jr  Luther College
         216  Seth Fetzer                   Fr  Luther College
         217  Greg Fosheim                  Sr  Luther College
         218  Dan Friedrich                 Jr  Luther College
         219  Adam Goddard                  Jr  Luther College
         220  Jake Hildebrand               Jr  Luther College
         221  Josh Hildebrand               Jr  Luther College
         222  Peter Hoyem                   So  Luther College
         223  Will Hoyer                    Jr  Luther College
         224  Matt Hubert                   So  Luther College
         225  Jacob Johnson                 Fr  Luther College
         226  Joe Lambert                   Fr  Luther College
         227  Shaun Meinecke                Sr  Luther College
         228  Matt Mills                    Sr  Luther College
         229  Eric Mittman                  Fr  Luther College
         230  Evan Nelson                   Fr  Luther College
         231  David Paquette                Fr  Luther College
         232  Mike Peterson                 Fr  Luther College
         233  Scott Peterson                Jr  Luther College
         234  John Povolny                  So  Luther College
         235  Joel Reese                    So  Luther College
         236  Ghion Roache                  So  Luther College
         237  Andrew Stewart                Fr  Luther College
         238  Scott Striegel                So  Luther College
         239  Mike Stuart                   So  Luther College
         240  Stacy Sundet                  Sr  Luther College
         241  Greg Vasey                    Jr  Luther College
         242  Aaron Wangberg                Sr  Luther College
         243                                    Luther College
         244  Tony Miles                    Sr  Monmouth College
         245  Charlie Sunderlage            Jr  Monmouth College
         246  Bryan Bittner                 So  Monmouth College
         247  Aaron Calder                  So  Monmouth College
         248  Frank Clark                   So  Monmouth College
         249  David Dare                    So  Monmouth College
         250  Matt Hargleroad               So  Monmouth College
         251  Cory Shook                    Fr  Monmouth College
         252  Cris Lacy                     Sr  Monmouth College
         253  Craig Stob                    Fr  Monmouth College
         254                                    Monmouth College
         255  Joel Althoff                  Jr  Mt Mercy College
         256  Kevin Dumser                  So  Mt Mercy College
         257  Jason Migala                  Sr  Mt Mercy College
         258  Craig Morgan                  Jr  Mt Mercy College
         259  Ryan Scheckel                 Sr  Mt Mercy College
         260  Pat Keehner                   Fr  Mt Mercy College
         261                                    Mt Mercy College
         262  Doug Barnacle                 So  North Central College
         263  Matt Baum                     So  North Central College
         264  Chris Beskid                  Sr  North Central College
         265  Paul Crumrine                 Fr  North Central College
         266  Rich Culberg                  Fr  North Central College
         267  Ben Draper                    So  North Central College
         268  A.J. Freeman                  Fr  North Central College
         269  Scott Friedle                 Sr  North Central College
         270  Dan Hart                      Jr  North Central College
         271  Mark Hedrick                  So  North Central College
         272  Kevin Horst                   So  North Central College
         273  David Johnson                 Fr  North Central College
         274  Jay Johnson                   So  North Central College
         275  Reggie Jonaitis               Fr  North Central College
         276  Paul Kenost                   Sr  North Central College
         277  Brett Kubin                   Sr  North Central College
         278  Jed Kubowski                  Fr  North Central College
         279  Matt Littleton                Sr  North Central College
         280  Kevin Licht                   Fr  North Central College
         281  Brenden Mariano               Fr  North Central College
         282  Tim Nelson                    Fr  North Central College
         283  Colby Nulik                   So  North Central College
         284  Jeremy Nulik                  Sr  North Central College
         285  Frank Oplawski                So  North Central College
         286  Tim Peceniak                  Jr  North Central College
         287  Jeff Petty                    Fr  North Central College
         288  Kevin Rafferty                Sr  North Central College
         289  Qasim Rashid                  Fr  North Central College
         290  Andy Remley                   Fr  North Central College
         291  Dan Renz                      Fr  North Central College
         292  Jason Rogers                  Jr  North Central College
         293  Bill Schroedl                 Fr  North Central College
         294  David Shafron                 Jr  North Central College
         295  Matt Sinnott                  Jr  North Central College
         296  Marcin Toporkiewicz           Fr  North Central College
         297                                    North Central College
         298  Tom Abramson                  So  North Park University
         299  Rocky Echeverria              So  North Park University
         300  Karl Hench                    Fr  North Park University
         301  Jeff Johnson                  Sr  North Park University
         302  Daniel Meredith               Fr  North Park University
         303  Mark Safstrom                 Jr  North Park University
         304                                    North Park University
         305  Joel Foster                   So  Sauk Valley College
         306  Gabe Gecan                    Fr  Sauk Valley College
         307  Bob Hardin                    Fr  Sauk Valley College
         308  Josh Miles                    Fr  Sauk Valley College
         309                                    Sauk Valley College
         310  Judd Allbaugh                 Sr  St Ambrose University
         311  Doug Gill                     Jr  St Ambrose University
         312  Evan Goy                      Jr  St Ambrose University
         313  Jay Jennessee                 Sr  St Ambrose University
         314  Tim Kinsella                  Jr  St Ambrose University
         315  Frank Lavenz                  Fr  St Ambrose University
         316  Josh Sherrod                  Fr  St Ambrose University
         317  Adam Winger                   Sr  St Ambrose University
         318                                    St Ambrose University
         319  Ken Williams                      Unattached
         320  Jamie Nelson                      Unattached
         321  Aaron Walker                      Unattached
         322                                    Unattached
         323  Scott Cale                    Fr  Upper Iowa University
         324  Zach Hamann                   Sr  Upper Iowa University
         325  Ryan Kramer                   Sr  Upper Iowa University
         326  Travis Nuss                   Sr  Upper Iowa University
         327  Javier Tuel                   Jr  Upper Iowa University
         328                                    Upper Iowa University
         329  David Christofferson          Jr  Wheaton College
         330  Joel Dillon                   Fr  Wheaton College
         331  Jeremy Gayed                  Fr  Wheaton College
         332  Mark Hussey                   Fr  Wheaton College
         333  Theron Hathaway               So  Wheaton College
         334  Jason Hickel                  Fr  Wheaton College
         335  Grant Jaffarian               Sr  Wheaton College
         336  Fred Ketchum                  Fr  Wheaton College
         337  David Komline                 Fr  Wheaton College
         338  Will Korver                   So  Wheaton College
         339  Tim Martin                    Jr  Wheaton College
         340  Alex Moore                    Jr  Wheaton College
         341  Jed Miller                    Fr  Wheaton College
         342  David Rudy                    Jr  Wheaton College
         343  David Walford                 Jr  Wheaton College
         344  Preston Winter                Jr  Wheaton College
Last update: September 28, 2000