Official Registered Women Runners

19th Annual Brissman-Lundeen
Augustana College Cross Country Invitational
September 29, 2000

5000/3000 meters
Hosted by Augustana College
Highland Springs Golf Course, Rock Island, Illinois

          No.      Name                    Year       School
           1  Krista Carlson                Sr  Augustana College
           2  Ellen Frederiksen             Sr  Augustana College
           3  Lauren Habenicht              Sr  Augustana College
           4  Lauryn Humphris               Sr  Augustana College
           5  Amy Lindstrom                 Sr  Augustana College
           6  Liz Stoppel                   Sr  Augustana College
           7  Jay Walsh                     Sr  Augustana College
           8  Amanda Esarey                 Jr  Augustana College
           9  Shannon Everett               Jr  Augustana College
          10  Christina Gamzer              Jr  Augustana College
          11  Vika Gylys                    Jr  Augustana College
          12  Laura Jagger                  Jr  Augustana College
          13  Kelly Read                    Jr  Augustana College
          14  Devone Smith                  Jr  Augustana College
          15  Jennifer Weber                Jr  Augustana College
          16  Julie Cassata                 So  Augustana College
          17  Erin Fiene                    So  Augustana College
          18  Emily Hinds                   So  Augustana College
          19  Amy Klein                     So  Augustana College
          20  Megan Panther                 So  Augustana College
          21  Jane Schild                   So  Augustana College
          22  Erin Van Wetzinga             So  Augustana College
          23  Megan Wadington               So  Augustana College
          24  Caitlyn Adams                 Fr  Augustana College
          25  Rachel Altergott              Fr  Augustana College
          26  Britney Boerma                Fr  Augustana College
          27  Anna Bogner                   Fr  Augustana College
          28  Megan Carlson                 Fr  Augustana College
          29  Jodie Daley                   Fr  Augustana College
          30  Kylie Feinauer                Fr  Augustana College
          31  Alison Garrett                Fr  Augustana College
          32  Laura Guderyahn               Fr  Augustana College
          33  Julie Haronik                 Fr  Augustana College
          34  Annie Livengood               Fr  Augustana College
          35  Ashley Mc Keigue              Fr  Augustana College
          36  Laurie Morgenthal             Fr  Augustana College
          37  Melanie Round                 Fr  Augustana College
          38  Jennifer Smith                Fr  Augustana College
          39  Amber Wickstrom               Fr  Augustana College
          40  Liz Yemm                      Fr  Augustana College
          41                                    Augustana College
          42  Maria Duncalf                 So  Central College
          43  Abby McCrea                   So  Central College
          44  Jennifer Richard              Jr  Central College
          45  Sally Shumaker                Sr  Central College
          46  Angie Kneeland                Jr  Central College
          47  Beth Van Winkle               So  Central College
          48  Joni Snakenberg               Jr  Central College
          49  Kristen Stefl                 So  Central College
          50  Sara Koehler                  So  Central College
          51  Teresa Wauters                So  Central College
          52  Amy Olson                     So  Central College
          53  Stephanie Brown               So  Central College
          54  Suzy Van WynGarden            Jr  Central College
          55  Angela Lowenberg              Fr  Central College
          56  Jill Osenbaugh                Sr  Central College
          57                                    Central College
          58  Catalina Hoyos                Jr  University of Chicago
          59  Maura Hardy                   Jr  University of Chicago
          60  Zoe Swenson                   So  University of Chicago
          61  Robin Orlansky                Jr  University of Chicago
          62  Emily Kochman                 So  University of Chicago
          63  Clarisse Mesa                 So  University of Chicago
          64  Nicole Voekel                 Fr  University of Chicago
          65  Darcy Flora                   Fr  University of Chicago
          66  Deirdre Kelly                 Fr  University of Chicago
          67  Sarah Mendez                  Fr  University of Chicago
          68  Amanda Parrish                Fr  University of Chicago
          69  Wendy Sullivan                So  University of Chicago
          70  Lauren Whitley                Sr  University of Chicago
          71  Maia Dorsett                  Jr  University of Chicago
          72  Christina Ghram               So  University of Chicago
          73  Abby Land                     Jr  University of Chicago
          74                                    University of Chicago
          75  Katherine Bahl                Fr  Clark College
          76  Brianne Burgess               Sr  Clark College
          77  Jennifer Georgen              Sr  Clark College
          78  Lynn Haines                   So  Clark College
          79  Melinda Hammack               Fr  Clark College
          80  Tammy Hoffer                  Jr  Clark College
          81  Anna Ketterhagen              Fr  Clark College
          82  Asheley Kiefer                So  Clark College
          83  Kimberly Lupton               Jr  Clark College
          84  Rachel Pickett                Sr  Clark College
          85  Jessica Rebik                 Jr  Clark College
          86  Heidi Walvatne                So  Clark College
          87                                    Clark College
          88  Kelly Benda                   Jr  Coe College
          89  Jenna Boerboom                Fr  Coe College
          90  Julie Carmichael              Jr  Coe College
          91  Marie Compton                 Fr  Coe College
          92  Melissa Domeyer               So  Coe College
          93  Desiree Flickinger            So  Coe College
          94  Tiffany Foster                So  Coe College
          95  Tami Loan                     So  Coe College
          96  Tara Lyons                    Sr  Coe College
          97  Erin McGuire                  So  Coe College
          98  Megan Miller                  Sr  Coe College
          99  Cassie Mitvalsky              Fr  Coe College
         100  Jinnifer Regan                So  Coe College
         101  Megan Rehm                    So  Coe College
         102  Ambre Riehl                   So  Coe College
         103  Shaleen Rowray                Sr  Coe College
         104  Abby Sweet                    Fr  Coe College
         105  Katie Weidemann               So  Coe College
         106                                    Coe College
         107  Melissa Bertlesen             Sr  Cornell College
         108  Dana Bishop                   Jr  Cornell College
         109  Elizabeth Burt                Fr  Cornell College
         110  Lauren Byrne                  Sr  Cornell College
         111  Amber Cooper                  Jr  Cornell College
         112  Rose Gallaway                 Sr  Cornell College
         113  Marie Griffin                 Sr  Cornell College
         114  Melissa Hills                 Sr  Cornell College
         115  Sarah Beth                    Sr  Cornell College
         116  Katie Rudd                    Sr  Cornell College
         117  Jaime Scholz                  Fr  Cornell College
         118                                    Cornell College
         119  Jessi Bertling                So  University of Dubuque
         120  Katie Becker                  So  University of Dubuque
         121  Lisa Demerath                 Jr  University of Dubuque
         122  Tracy Demerath                Jr  University of Dubuque
         123  Heather Swicegood             Fr  University of Dubuque
         124  Katrina Vasquez               Fr  University of Dubuque
         125  Juliette Worden               So  University of Dubuque
         126                                    University of Dubuque
         127  Kristy Feldman                Jr  Graceland University
         128  Amanda Odum                   Sr  Graceland University
         129  Sarah Glynn                   Fr  Graceland University
         130  Jody Garrett                  So  Graceland University
         131  Tiffani Ford                  Jr  Graceland University
         132  Amy Wiltse                    Sr  Graceland University
         133  Tayarra Kuhnhoff              Jr  Graceland University
         134  Heather Emslie                So  Graceland University
         135                                    Graceland University
         136  Lisa Brail                    Fr  Greenville College
         137  Angela Cox                    Fr  Greenville College
         138  Meredith Deters               Fr  Greenville College
         139  Amy Ellinger                  Fr  Greenville College
         140  Val Ernst                     Fr  Greenville College
         141  Amy Ferrell                   Sr  Greenville College
         142  Miriam Fisher                 So  Greenville College
         143  Crystal Halford               So  Greenville College
         144  Keyana Lewis                  So  Greenville College
         145  Alison Louthan                Fr  Greenville College
         146  Misty Mesecher                So  Greenville College
         147  Laura O'Brien                 Jr  Greenville College
         148  Steph Seidleman               So  Greenville College
         149  Katherine Suski               Fr  Greenville College
         150  Jenny Svoboda                 Sr  Greenville College
         151  Kim Weeks                     So  Greenville College
         152  Tiffany Weiner                Jr  Greenville College
         153  Kristen Werking               Fr  Greenville College
         154                                    Greenville College
         155  Skyler Artes                  Sr  Grinnell College
         156  Nina Bilandzic                So  Grinnell College
         157  Tirza Costello                Fr  Grinnell College
         158  Brooke Fambrough              Sr  Grinnell College
         159  Anna Fidler                   Sr  Grinnell College
         160  Lorraine Gaynor               Fr  Grinnell College
         161  Theresa Hahn                  Sr  Grinnell College
         162  E.B. Licata                   So  Grinnell College
         163  Shannon Price                 Sr  Grinnell College
         164  Sagrario Rosario              Jr  Grinnell College
         165  Freya Stein                   So  Grinnell College
         166  Samantha Thomas               Fr  Grinnell College
         167  Brenda Walter                 Sr  Grinnell College
         168  Kristen Kessler                   Grinnell College
         169  Sarah Reinhard                Sr  Grinnell College
         170  Hannah Bowen                  Fr  Knox College
         171  Katie Colfer                  So  Knox College
         172  Heather Conwell               So  Knox College
         173  Katie Drummond                Fr  Knox College
         174  Elissa Dust                   Fr  Knox College
         175  Emily Dust                    Sr  Knox College
         176  Caryl Frank                   Jr  Knox College
         177  Margaret Fleetwood            Fr  Knox College
         178  Kate Grigg                    Jr  Knox College
         179  Michelle Hackman              Fr  Knox College
         180  Miranda Higdon                Fr  Knox College
         181  Jill Kline                    Fr  Knox College
         182  Marnie Kunz                   So  Knox College
         183  Amy Lammers                   So  Knox College
         184  Paulette Lebda                Sr  Knox College
         185  Kelsea Lipe                   Jr  Knox College
         186  Caroline Martz                Fr  Knox College
         187  Mara Peterson                 Jr  Knox College
         188  Cameron Pizor                 Sr  Knox College
         189  Elizabeth Stevens             Fr  Knox College
         190  Andrea Thomson                So  Knox College
         191  Priscilla Wilkins             Sr  Knox College
         192                                    Knox College
         193  Amy Scheuerell                Fr  Loras College
         194  Amy Edwards                   Sr  Loras College
         195  Molly Campana                 Fr  Loras College
         196  Nicloe Wood                   Fr  Loras College
         197  Kristyn Scott                 Sr  Loras College
         198  Stacy Shaw                    Jr  Loras College
         199  Erin Goebel                   Fr  Loras College
         200  Katy Tierney                  Sr  Loras College
         201  Kari Swenson                  Fr  Loras College
         202  Natalie Circello              Fr  Loras College
         203  Megan Kattelman               Fr  Loras College
         204  Amber Schmidt                 Jr  Loras College
         205  Michelle Behrens              Fr  Loras College
         206  Brooke Kattelman              Fr  Loras College
         207  Amanda Tuttle                 Fr  Loras College
         208  Kris Hain                     Sr  Loras College
         209  Megan Plein                   Fr  Loras College
         210  Melissa Fischels              Fr  Loras College
         211  Katie Cleary                  Jr  Loras College
         212  Janelle Burger                So  Loras College
         213  Brianna Vogen                 Fr  Loras College
         214  Angie Bingaman                Fr  Loras College
         215  Laura Schwitzer               Fr  Loras College
         216  Lacey Schmidt                 Sr  Loras College
         217  Kate Mc Tague                 Fr  Loras College
         218  Bridget Cleary                Fr  Loras College
         219  Abbie Meyer                   So  Loras College
         220  Darcy Ries                    Fr  Loras College
         221                                    Loras College
         222  Maggie Semington              Sr  Monmouth College
         223  Katie McGee                   So  Monmouth College
         224  Philicia Moredock             So  Monmouth College
         225  Lauren Wesolowski             So  Monmouth College
         226  Elizabeth Altekruse           Fr  Monmouth College
         227  Jessica Heinen                Fr  Monmouth College
         228  Jennifer Latchford            So  Monmouth College
         229                                    Monmouth College
         230  Erin Bott                     Jr  Mt Mercy College
         231  Nicole Cronk                  So  Mt Mercy College
         232  Jodi Dielschneider            Jr  Mt Mercy College
         233  Amy Marshall                  Fr  Mt Mercy College
         234  Leslie Marshall               Jr  Mt Mercy College
         235  Dinah Niederloh               Jr  Mt Mercy College
         236  Amy Smith                     Fr  Mt Mercy College
         237  Stacey Storbeck               So  Mt Mercy College
         238                                    Mt Mercy College
         239  Elizabeth Fabro               Sr  North Central College
         240  Nikki Houle                   Jr  North Central College
         241  Rebecca Hoffman               Fr  North Central College
         242  Beth Huffaker                 Fr  North Central College
         243  Kim Jirik                     Jr  North Central College
         244  Amy Kleinheksel               Sr  North Central College
         245  Christine Lia                 So  North Central College
         246  Lynette Lim                   So  North Central College
         247  Kristina Maksinski            Jr  North Central College
         248  Anissa Mercado                So  North Central College
         249  Molly Morrison                Fr  North Central College
         250  Katie Ruder                   So  North Central College
         251  Jill Siefert                  Jr  North Central College
         252  Greta Swanson                 Sr  North Central College
         253  Dana Swiss                    So  North Central College
         254  Jaime Tresemer                Sr  North Central College
         255  Lila Wilson                   Fr  North Central College
         256  Jamie Zullo                   Jr  North Central College
         257                                    North Central College
         258  Jennifer Budak                So  North Park University
         259  Darlene Duncan                Sr  North Park University
         260  Mindy Eberhardt               So  North Park University
         261  Heather Halvas                So  North Park University
         262  Shari Hayden                  Sr  North Park University
         263  Margaret McGarry              Fr  North Park University
         264  Emily Nelson                  So  North Park University
         265  Angela Pinkston               Fr  North Park University
         266  Sara Sietsema                 Fr  North Park University
         267                                    North Park University
         268  Stacy Smith                   So  Sauk Valley College
         269  Trese Wells                   Fr  Sauk Valley College
         270                                    Sauk Valley College
         271  Erin Arnold                   Fr  St Ambrose University
         272  Katrina Hird                  So  St Ambrose University
         273  Lisa Englbrecht               So  St Ambrose University
         274  Bethany Klokkenga             Sr  St Ambrose University
         275  Melissa Pagan                 Sr  St Ambrose University
         276  Barb Rudolph                  Jr  St Ambrose University
         277  Jennifer Smith                Jr  St Ambrose University
         278  Aaron Shemek                  Fr  St Ambrose University
         279  Rachel Hegele                 Fr  St Ambrose University
         280                                    St Ambrose University
         281  Jen Blomgren                      Unattached
         282                                    Unattached
         283  Kristie Lukes                 Sr  Upper Iowa University
         284  Lisa Netwal                   So  Upper Iowa University
         285  Jessica Powell                Sr  Upper Iowa University
         286  Angela Price                  Sr  Upper Iowa University
         287  Bethany Rippentrop            Sr  Upper Iowa University
         288  Faith Wallowing Bull          Sr  Upper Iowa University
         289                                    Upper Iowa University
         290  Laura Brosius                 Jr  Wheaton College
         291  Kristie Buth                  Sr  Wheaton College
         292  Heather Case                  So  Wheaton College
         293  Jeni Christiansen             So  Wheaton College
         294  Bethany Duncan                Fr  Wheaton College
         295  Amy deSchweinitz              Jr  Wheaton College
         296  Maria Eley                    So  Wheaton College
         297  Laura Gibson                  Fr  Wheaton College
         298  Kari Husby                    Jr  Wheaton College
         299  Jennifer Martinez             So  Wheaton College
         300  Joy McCahon                   So  Wheaton College
         301  Shelley Oliver                Sr  Wheaton College
         302  Lisa Orshonsky                Fr  Wheaton College
         303  Valarie Orshonsky             Fr  Wheaton College
         304  Aimee Swan                    Jr  Wheaton College
         305  Ashley Tarr                   Fr  Wheaton College
         306  Kim Waite                     So  Wheaton College
Last update: September 28, 2000