NCAA Division III National
Cross Country Championships
November 16, 1996

Official Registered Men Runners

8000 meters
Hosted by Augustana College
Highland Springs Golf Course, Rock Island, Illinois

          No.      Name                    Year       School
           1  Ambo Bati                     Sr  Augustana College
           2  David Nellis                  Sr  Augustana College
           3  Nate Roe                      Sr  Augustana College
           4  David Claassen                Sr  Augustana College
           5  Matt Pedersen                 Jr  Augustana College
           6  Kent Anderson                 So  Augustana College
           7  Aaron Borling                 So  Augustana College
           8  Larry Gant                    Fr  Augustana College
           9  Jeff Adams                    Jr  Augustana College
          10  Eric Budde                    Sr  Augustana College
          11  David Riemersma               Sr  Calvin College
          12  Nathan Lewis                  Sr  Calvin College
          13  Robert Hyde                   Sr  Calvin College
          14  Geoff VanDragt                Jr  Calvin College
          15  Kent Frens                    Fr  Calvin College
          16  Reuben Zylstra                So  Calvin College
          17  Nathan Dorn                   Sr  Calvin College
          18  Brett Hamilton                Sr  Calvin College
          19  Robert Bouws                  Jr  Calvin College
          20  Luke Draagstra                So  Calvin College
          21  Dan Virnig                    Sr  Carleton College
          22  Jon Hastings                  Sr  Carleton College
          23  Jens Strand                   Sr  Carleton College
          24  Jon Bougie                    Sr  Carleton College
          25  Dan Feiveson                  Sr  Carleton College
          26  Bill Martin                   Jr  Carleton College
          27  Zach Handler                  Fr  Carleton College
          28  Josh Hoyle                    Jr  Carleton College
          29  Chris Turner                  So  Carleton College
          30  Eli Levitt                    Jr  Carleton College
          31  Josh Donner                   So  Carnegie Mellon
          32  Jim Gorham                    Fr  Carnegie Mellon
          33  Brian Ingram                  Jr  Carnegie Mellon
          34  Kristo Kriechbaum             So  Carnegie Mellon
          35  Bryan Meyer                   Fr  Carnegie Mellon
          36  Scott Moore                   Sr  Carnegie Mellon
          37  Kenn Oldham                   Fr  Carnegie Mellon
          38  Ron Polcawich                 Sr  Carnegie Mellon
          39  Seb Zeisler                   Sr  Carnegie Mellon
          40  Andy Almonte                  Jr  The Colorado College
          41  D. Eric Coe                   Sr  The Colorado College
          42  Chris Durham                  Sr  The Colorado College
          43  Paul Evans                    Sr  The Colorado College
          44  R. Clint Johnson              So  The Colorado College
          45  R. "Tat" Kennedy              Fr  The Colorado College
          46  Josh Messer                   Jr  The Colorado College
          47  Scott Petitmermet             So  The Colorado College
          48  Josh Hayes                    Jr  The Colorado College
          49  Nate Tarver                   So  The Colorado College
          50  Michael Taye                  Fr  Frostburg State Univ.
          51  James Storey                  Sr  Frostburg State Univ.
          52  Peter Smith                   Jr  Frostburg State Univ.
          53  Jarrett Hon                   Sr  Frostburg State Univ.
          54  Andrew Adam                   So  Frostburg State Univ.
          55  Ward Boudreau                 Jr  Frostburg State Univ.
          56  Theodore Smith                Fr  Frostburg State Univ.
          57  Brian Saulsbury               Fr  Frostburg State Univ.
          58  Michael Godesky               Sr  Frostburg State Univ.
          59  Karl Paranya                  Sr  Haverford College
          60  Chris Hood                    Sr  Haverford College
          61  Aaron Cooper                  Jr  Haverford College
          62  Ntobeko Ntusi                 Jr  Haverford College
          63  Aryn Davis                    Sr  Haverford College
          64  Stephon Petro                 Fr  Haverford College
          65  Shale Rosen                   Jr  Haverford College
          66  J.B. Haglund                  Fr  Haverford College
          67  Jim Mangan                    Jr  Haverford College
          68  Jason Bernstein               Fr  Haverford College
          69  Brian Boyle                   Sr  Ithaca College
          70  Mike Fitzpatrick              Fr  Ithaca College
          71  Ian Golden                    So  Ithaca College
          72  Erron Hubbell                 Jr  Ithaca College
          73  Tom Lansley                   Sr  Ithaca College
          74  Greg Loomis                   Sr  Ithaca College
          75  Michael Pawlowski             Jr  Ithaca College
          76  Eric Sambolec                 Fr  Ithaca College
          77  Mike VanVliet                 Fr  Ithaca College
          78  Andy Weishaar                 Jr  Ithaca College
          79  Dave Cooper                   So  Mount Union College
          80  Evgeney Kornilov              Jr  Mount Union College
          81  Doug Brown                    Jr  Mount Union College
          82  Jeff Geiss                    Jr  Mount Union College
          83  Josh Booher                   Fr  Mount Union College
          84  Bill Spellman                 Fr  Mount Union College
          85  Andy Slack                    Fr  Mount Union College
          86  Chris Dohnal                  Jr  Mount Union College
          87  Matt Brill                    Sr  North Central College
          88  Erik Dieckman                 Jr  North Central College
          89  Jack Kafel                    So  North Central College
          90  Luther Olson                  Sr  North Central College
          91  Tony Rizzo                    So  North Central College
          92  Jeff Stiles                   Jr  North Central College
          93  Cam Stuber                    Sr  North Central College
          94  Andy Snook                    Sr  North Central College
          95  Weert Goldenstein             So  North Central College
          96  Aaron Cook                    Sr  North Central College
          97  Kyle Beahan                   Sr  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
          98  Eric Finnemore                Sr  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
          99  Aaron Imlah                   So  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
         100  Byron Knight                  Sr  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
         101  Eric Kolb                     Sr  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
         102  Chuan Napolitano              So  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
         103  Jamie O'Neil                  So  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
         104  Shin Ozeni                    Sr  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
         105  Jesse Randall                 So  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
         106  Eric Worhunsky                Fr  Rensselaer Poly. Inst.
         107  Tony Fraij                    Sr  Rochester Inst. of Tech
         108  Russ Warren                   Jr  Rochester Inst. of Tech
         109  Derrick Jones                 So  Rochester Inst. of Tech
         110  Rich Neiley                   Fr  Rochester Inst. of Tech
         111  Rich Culbert                  Sr  Rochester Inst. of Tech
         112  Dave Platte                   Sr  Rochester Inst. of Tech
         113  Keith Stoutenger              Sr  Rochester Inst. of Tech
         114  Victor Chambers               So  University of Rochester
         115  Andrew Evans                  Jr  University of Rochester
         116  Jason Hart                    Sr  University of Rochester
         117  Gerard Lancaster              Sr  University of Rochester
         118  Peter Ohl                     So  University of Rochester
         119  Thomas Ohl                    So  University of Rochester
         120  Nathaniel Spurr               Fr  University of Rochester
         121  Jeffrey Totten                Sr  University of Rochester
         122  Richard Ulstad                Sr  University of Rochester
         123  Philip Wittman                Fr  University of Rochester
         124  Nick Andrea                   Sr  Saint John's University
         125  Brad Bauer                    Jr  Saint John's University
         126  Frank Bendewald               So  Saint John's University
         127  John Guertin                  So  Saint John's University
         128  Tony Kinzley                  Sr  Saint John's University
         129  Jon Koch                      Jr  Saint John's University
         130  Jeb Myers                     Sr  Saint John's University
         131  Dan Simmons                   Jr  Saint John's University
         132  Adam Sparks                   Sr  Saint John's University
         133  Ryan Steines                  Sr  Saint John's University
         134  Jason Burke                   So  Tufts University
         135  Daniel Dawson                 So  Tufts University
         136  Bryan Graham                  Jr  Tufts University
         137  Rod Hemingway                 Jr  Tufts University
         138  Rich Hemingway                Jr  Tufts University
         139  Matt Lyons                    Fr  Tufts University
         140  Scott Masiella                Sr  Tufts University
         141  Geoff North                   Jr  Tufts University
         142  Mike Northrop                 Sr  Tufts University
         143  Peter Rodriguet               Fr  Tufts University
         144  Franzwa Achie                 So  UC-San Diego
         145  Richard Erkkila               Jr  UC-San Diego
         146  Damian Garcia                 Fr  UC-San Diego
         147  Neal Harder                   Jr  UC-San Diego
         148  Gavin Klinger                 Jr  UC-San Diego
         149  Bryan Leek                    Sr  UC-San Diego
         150  Joshua Levin-Soler            So  UC-San Diego
         151  Kevin Prindiville             So  UC-San Diego
         152  Steve Varnell                 Jr  UC-San Diego
         153  Mike Wallace                  Jr  UC-San Diego
         154  Brett Altergott               Jr  UW-LaCrosse
         155  Mike Gutho                    So  UW-LaCrosse
         156  Jason Karls                   So  UW-LaCrosse
         157  Andy Mosman                   Jr  UW-LaCrosse
         158  James Muehr                   So  UW-LaCrosse
         159  Dan Murphy                    Sr  UW-LaCrosse
         160  Dan Peso                      Fr  UW-LaCrosse
         161  James Ratcliff                Sr  UW-LaCrosse
         162  Elliot Schultz                Sr  UW-LaCrosse
         163  Brad Wilson                   Jr  UW-LaCrosse
         164  Tony Bolz                     Sr  UW-Oshkosh
         165  Andy Esten                    Sr  UW-Oshkosh
         166  Joel Jaeger                   Sr  UW-Oshkosh
         167  Dave Loritz                   Jr  UW-Oshkosh
         168  Sean Roberts                  Jr  UW-Oshkosh
         169  Tony Teunissen                So  UW-Oshkosh
         170  Matt Thull                    Sr  UW-Oshkosh
         171  Tony Meyers                   Fr  UW-Oshkosh
         172  Dan Kramer                    Sr  UW-Oshkosh
         173  Cale Jacobs                   Sr  UW-Oshkosh
         174  Chad Johnson                  Jr  UW-Stevens Point
         175  Chad Christensen              Jr  UW-Stevens Point
         176  Josh Metcalf                  Jr  UW-Stevens Point
         177  Jason Enke                    Jr  UW-Stevens Point
         178  Chris Krolick                 Jr  UW-Stevens Point
         179  Matt Hayes                    So  UW-Stevens Point
         180  Justin Ratike                 So  UW-Stevens Point
         181  John Auel                     So  UW-Stevens Point
         182  Dan Schwamberger              Fr  UW-Stevens Point
         183  Mike Peck                     Fr  UW-Stevens Point
         184  Jason Brandt                  Jr  Wabash College
         185  Chris Combs                   Sr  Wabash College
         186  Nick Munoz                    Fr  Wabash College
         187  Zach Raber                    Jr  Wabash College
         188  Mike Vega                     Fr  Wabash College
         189  Adam White                    Jr  Wabash College
         190  Matt Zopel                    So  Wabash College
         191  Chris Wingard                 Fr  Wabash College
         192  Kyle Hall                     Fr  Wabash College
         193  Jared McQueen                 Fr  Wabash College
         194  Paul Alsdorf                  So  Williams College
         195  Tim Billo                     Sr  Williams College
         196  Frederick Buck                Sr  Williams College
         197  Brendan Burns                 Jr  Williams College
         198  Jordan Dubow                  Fr  Williams College
         199  Jeff Edmonds                  So  Williams College
         200  Geoff Hutchinson              So  Williams College
         201  Dan McCue                     So  Williams College
         202  Steve Moore                   Fr  Williams College
         203  Ravi Purushotham              Fr  Williams College
         204  Michael Matott                Jr  Allegheny College
         205  Dan Spies                     Sr  Augsburg
         206  Matt Twiest                   Fr  Bates College
         207  James Johnson                 Sr  Bowdoin College
         208  Aaron Holley                  Sr  Brandeis University
         209  Robert Olson                  So  Brandeis University
         210  John "Jed" Colvin             Sr  California Lutheran University
         211  Daniel Kleiman                Jr  Caltech
         212  Jonathan Coldren              Sr  Dickinson College
         213  Jeff Calabrese                Fr  Emory University
         214  Dustin Lamvermeyer            Jr  Heidelberg College
         215  Adam Koppin                   Fr  Heidelberg College
         216  Kory Kramer                   So  Kalamazoo College
         217  Jeremy Meyersieck             Sr  Kalamazoo College
         218  Dan Denning                   Jr  Kenyon College
         219  Greg Hermiston                Sr  Loras College
         220  Chris Schaefer                So  Loras College
         221  Mark Sundet                   Sr  Luther College
         222  Christopher Johnson           Sr  Martin Luther College
         223  Jon Gates                     Sr  Mary Washington College
         224  Patrick Egan                  Sr  Moravian College
         225  Jeremy Burt                   Sr  Plattsburgh
         226  Jason McNicholl               So  Roanoke College
         227  Chris Lobdell                 Jr  Rowan College of NT
         228  Lawton Redmen                 Jr  St. Lawrence University
         229  Eric Bergman                  So  St. Olaf College
         230  Connaire Foran                Fr  Suny Cortland
         231  Marc Pschebizin               Jr  Suny Cortland
         232  Matt Annabel                  Sr  Suny Geneseo
         233  Thomas Pillow                 Fr  Trinity University
         234  Barry Dabbaghian              So  University of Redlands
         235  Asa Flanigan                  Sr  Washington University
         236  Jason Finch                   So  UW-Eau Claire
         237  Aaron Pick                    Sr  UW-Platteville
         238  Paul Gilles                   Jr  UW-Stout
         239  Ryan Meissen                  Fr  UW-Whitewater
         240  Juan Rodriguez                Jr  Whittier College
Last update: November 12, 1996