Exam #1 will be Wednesday, April 6, during class period. You may use a 3"X5" card of notes, a calculator, and a ruler. The exam will contain any indices of refraction you may need.

The test will contain 10 multiple-choice questions (which will receive no partial credit and will require no justification), and 4 long-answer questions involving calculation, description, and/or explanation.  The long answer questions do require justification -- answer them as if you wanted to show a fellow student how to do that problem or understand that concept.  For computation questions, show equations, numbers plugged in, and answer.  Be sure your final answer is clear on all questions.

Make sure you are able to do all the types of things you were asked to do for this class, as in preflights, homework, PAL's, and Quizdom.

Some topics to review for exam #1 (may not be all-inclusive):