Exam #1 from 201, brief answers -corrected 4/5/11 2:45 pm

1a 2b 3b 4a 5c 6d 7b 8d 9d 10d

11a) 20o   b)  38.5o  c) 1.24X108 m/s

12a) 2.89o   b)  Diffraction is caused by light passing thru a small opening or passing near a small obstacle.   Dispersion is caused by light refracting in a material with an index of refraction that depends on wavelength.

13a)  97%  b) Yes, 80o from vertical.

14 a) f = -53.2 cm (power of  -1.8 D)  b)   Draw a ray diagram with f = -53.2 cm and do=27 cm  (You can use this applet to see what it should look like - you will probably have to scale your #'s to make them fit, for example, use f =-5.32 and p=2.7)  .  Be sure to follow the instructions and rubric from the notes.