Brief answers to exam #2, 2010 A

NOTE: #5 tests material we have not covered yet.  For exam #2 2011, you will be responsible for uncertainty definitions and interpretation, but no uncertainty equations.

1b 2a 3d 4c 5a 6d 7c 8c (typo - should say +.25c) 9b 10d

11a) electron ejected from the metal  b)  7.25X1014 Hz  c) 132 nm

12a) 0.13 pm  b) No.  Diffraction effects only occur if wavelength and slit are similar in size.  Here wavelength is much smaller than slit size.

13a)  -120 mph   b) +0.156 c

14a) 2.8X10-8 s  b) 3.1 m  c) 0 m