(2011 exam will have 20 multiple choice)

Let me know right away if you suspect any errors!!

1d 2b 3c 4b 5c 6a 7a 8a 9c 10d 11c 12a 13a 14b 15c 16d 17b 18 d

11 a) uus b) (masses will be given) 0.89 fm

12a) 2.57e10 Bq  b) 193.5 MeV  c) Nucleus would not hold together if it did not have positive binding energy  (I used #'s from Wikipedia, since I don't have my book with me)

13a) -0.85 eV  b) squareroot(2)*hbar   c) 4052 nm

14) 20.2 pm - corrected 5-15-11 6:30 pm.  Use KE to find v, use v to find p, use p to find lambda = h/p.

15a)  3.75 yr   b) 2.25 yr

16 a) the largest angular magnification you can acheive without magnifier
b) 14