PH 201 


FALL 2000

Homework Discussion questions
Week #2 due Sep 14 due Sep 11
Week #3 due Sep 21 due Sep 19
Week #4 due Sep 28 due Sep 26
Week #5 due Oct 6 due Oct 3
Week #6 NONE (test this week) due Oct 10
Week #7 due Oct 20 due Oct 17
Week #8 due Oct 27 due Oct 24
Week #9 NONE (test this week) due Oct 31
Week #10 due Nov 10 due Nov 7
HOMEWORK DUE: Homework should be turned in by 4:00 p.m. on the due date. Hand the homework in to me personally, or drop it in the box labeled "201 homework"  in room 201 Science. Do not slide homework under my door.

LATE HOMEWORK: You may hand in late homework for 80% credit until noon on the next weekday after the due date (even if itís a day class doesnít meet). Homework will not be accepted for credit after solutions are posted or graded homework is returned.

Last updated Nov 3, 2000

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