PH 202  


    WINTER 2008-09




  • Final exam, Tuesday, Feb 17, 9-11 am
    • You may bring TWO 3"X5" cards, if you like.  I will provide constant values, like R and k.
    • More than half of the points on the final will be on new material covered since the last exam.
  • There will be discussion questions due Monday, for zero points.
  • I will be around Monday 11-12:30 and proabably other times.  
  • help session for Mon eve 7-9 pm

Feeling   :-?   Try:

Exam #1 

                  Exam #2.  To prepare for exam #2, be sure you understand the homework and discussion on webassign, the pals and quizdom done in class.  also, check out the practice problems on webassign

                    Final Exam 

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