PH202             BASIC PHYSICS II             WINTER 08-09


INSTRUCTOR: C. Vogel Office: 207 Science Office hours: Tue 10:30-11, Wed 2:30-3, Fri 11-12, or by appointment.

Web page:     AIM: phvogel

TEXT: Halliday, Resnick, Walker, Fundamentals of Physics, 7th edition

            Chapters 12, 14-20, 33-36 (not in order).










3 Exams (20% each)





  1. For full credit you must show all work and justify all answers on PAL's, discussion, and exams (except multiple choice).
  2. Homework is done online via WebAssign, generally due Wed and Fri at 11 pm. You may request an extension for late homework for 80% credit by emailing me, if you have not looked at the key. 
  3. Physics Active Learning (PAL's) will be done most days in class. PAL's cannot be made up for any reason. The lowest PAL score for each section of the course will be dropped before the course grade is computed.  If your exam grade is higher than your PAL grade for a section of the course, your exam grade will replace your PAL grade for that section. 
  4. Answer discussion questions via WebAssign by noon on Mondays.  If you are unhappy with your score on these questions, come to discussion on Tuesday and join in the discussion of these questions to earn full credit for the weekly discussion.
  5. Attendance is required on all days on which examinations are scheduled. If you have a conflict with a school-related event (for example, intercollegiate sports or field trip), you may take the exam early. You must make arrangements with me before the scheduled exam date.


Important events in the course calendar (subject to change):

EXAM #1 (chapt 12(elasticity), 15-17)  Dec 12

EXAM #2 (chapt  33-36)  Jan 23

EXAM #3 (chapt 14, 18-20) Feb 17,  9-11 am 

For a more detailed and updated schedule, including lecture topics, click here.