You are cordially invited to attend the following presentations, which are a culmination of research done all term by students in PH 220, "Introduction to Scientific Research."

All talks will be in Science room 203.

WEDNESDAY, May 12, 1999

3:30 pm Brian McKenzie, "Radar Cross-section of Planes"

3:50 pm Brett Sean Connell, "Cold Fusion – Fact or Fiction?"

4:10 pm Matthew Fisher, "Solar Flares and Their Effects on the Earth"

TUESDAY, May 18, 1999

11:00 am Sariya Ahmad, "The Photoelectric Effect"

11:20 am Katrina Bergman, "Tunneling – It’s not Just for Groundhogs"

11:40 am Christopher Chantos, "Aerodynamics and Race Cars"

WEDNESDAY, May 19, 1999

11:00 am Andrea Jaeger, "Dark Matter – the Truth is Out There"

11:20 am Tiffany Tobler, "Black Holes"

11:40 am Luke Mattson, "Theoretical Wormholes in Black Holes"